Spring Breakers Premiere Red Carpet Celebrities Selena Gomez, Hudgens, Benson & Korine

‘Spring Breakers’ premiere Stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and James Franco stepped out at the ArcLight Theatre on Sunset Boulevard –

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The People’s Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet Fashion: Best Dressed Petite Celebrities


The People’s Choice Awards gave us not only a taste of what to expect, style-wise, from the flurry of upcoming red carpet events – but also of the spring/summer 2013 Read more

Classic 70’s Summer Fashion For Petite Women

Summer of Love

This season, it’s all about peace, love and bell-bottoms. Can ya dig it? Yes, the 70’s are back and it’s time to mellow out with some of history’s favorite trends, revisited with fashionable petite women.  Read more

Spring Breakers Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson & James Francos

Juicy petite celebrity gossip run-amuck! Spring Breakers are in full swing in Florida this week!  The petite celebrity bikini clad babes of the Spring Breakers shoot featuring co-stars 5’4″ Selena Gomez, 5’0″ Vanessa Hudgens and 5’4″ Ashley Benson Read more

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Bella Petite Celebrity on Style! Petite Fashionistas Vanessa Hudgens & Sarah Jessica Parker

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Vanessa Hudgens vs. Sarah jessica Parker Petite Fashion Style Daily Shopper! 

BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE: Daily Shopper Petite Fashion For Petite and Plus Size Petite Women 

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Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Vanessa Hudgens [petite model] [petite fashion]

Petite Celebrity Vanessa Hudgens Petite Fashion Style!

Petite celebrity actress 5’0″ Vanessa Hudgens hits the Cannes Film Festival.  She was seen partying with gal pal Rosario Dawson at the Calvin Klein bash, when she decided to make the Read more

Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Vanessa Hudgens [petite model] [petite fashion]


Petite celebrity actress 5’1″ Vanessa Hudgens is fresh off  the“Sucker Punch” red carpet world premiere.  This week she went onto the “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” red Read more

Petite Celebrity Kristen Bell Newest Face of Neutrogena [petite model]

Exciting news for petite celebrity 5’0″ Kristen Bell, she is the newest petite model face to become a celebrity ambassador for Neutrogena!  Being a petite “celebrity” actress will definitely afford you better opportunity to land brand recognized campaigns. Read more

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“Sucker Punch” Petite Celebrity Vanessa Hudgens Parties at PURE Nightclub

Petite celebrity and party girl 5’0″ Vanessa Hudgens had plenty to celebrate with her recent movie release “Sucker Punch.”  All of the back-to-back movie promotions and publicity parties brought “Sucker Punch” in at the number 2 spot taking Read more

Daily Style: Petite Celebrity Brittany Snow [petite model] [petite fashion]


Over the weekend petite celebrity 5’2″ Brittany Snow showed off her petite fashion style. She posed on the red carpet at Tru Hollywood  for Nylon Magazine’s 12th annual issue party.   Read more