Celebrities For Humanity Ann Lauren ® We Thrive Sustainable Initiatives

We Thrive Sustainable Initiatives for Humanity Save The Earth. Read more

2021 Covergirl Cambria

A Bella Petite Covergirl Announcement! Read more

Ann Lauren George Hurrell Tribute

A Hollywood tribute to an iconic era of entertainment's most notable faces; Carole Lombard, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth... Read more

Natalie Portman Stars As Jackie Kennedy

Bella Petite celebrity Natalie Portman totally looks the part... Read more
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Petite Celebrity Style Watch Selena Gomez & Victoria Beckham

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Selena Gomez and Victoria Beckham Petite Fashion Style

Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity fashion style watch. Who’s got the look!  Petite celebrity style watch featuring celebrities Selena Gomez and Victoria Beckham. These Read more

Celebrity Petite Fashion Style On Michelle Williams & Victoria Beckham

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrity Michelle Williams and Victoria Beckham Petite Fashion Style Daily Shopper!

Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch. Who’s got the look?  Celebrities Michelle Williams and Victoria Beckham look fashionably petite Read more

Fashionably Petite Celebrities Lauren Conrad vs. Minka Kelly

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrity Lauren Conrad and Minka Kelly Petite Fashion Style Daily Shopper!

BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE: Daily Shopper Petite Fashion For Petite and Plus Size Petite Women 

Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch. Read more

Petite Fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker Steps Down From Halston Heritage

Petite celebrity actress and fashion designer 5’2″ Sarah Jessica Parker steps down as creative director and president of Halston Heritage.  It seems that history repeats itself, since this isn’t the first time that a fashion venture has Read more

Ann Lauren Created Bella Petite Magazine

Ann Lauren Fashion Editor Created Bella Petite Magazine and Televised Petite Fashion Model Shows. Read more

Fashionable Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen [Petite Celebrities]

The petite twins 5’0″ Mary-Kate and 5’0″Ashley Olsen made news when they arrived at LAX recently, draped in fur (maybe faux?).  Good thing PETA wasn’t there, but they did have Ashley’s French bulldog with them for the trip.

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Lauren Conrad’s New MTV Reality Show [petite celebrities]

Lauren Conrad just can’t get enough of living in front of the cameras!  She reportedly left all the mishigas on “The Hills” to take a break from the craziness of life in the spotlight, and has since tried Read more

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