VALENTINE’S DAY: Sweet Confections or Naughty Connections? It’s not what you do…it’s how you do it!

TICK TOCK…TICK TOCK…you realize the weeks are flying by, the days are spilling into the next faster than you can keep up, and before you know it you have less than 72 hours to planSOMETHING! Then, suddenly it’s here!  That special day each year that was created just for the expressions of love and romance – Valentine’s Day! So before we get into the “sweet confections,” or the “naughty connections,” let’s first take a quick look at how “Valentine’s Day” came about.

CUPID – “The Little Bastard”

There are varying accounts of Saints and mythology regarding and associated with this day of enthusiastic affection. Clearly, we’re all aware of the petite little angel with the bow and quiver of arrows associated with Valentine’s Day – Cupid (aka, Amor).

He was the son of Venus (Aphrodite), who was the Goddess of love.   She bestowed upon Cupid the duty of piercing the hearts of would-be lovers with gold tipped arrows, causing them to fall in love with the first person they saw. Legend has it that he would fly around, arbitrarily shooting his “weapon of love” at whomever caught his eye – this is where we get the expression, “Love at first sight!”  Okay, okay… maybe it’s not, but it sounds good, right?

At any rate, what you may not know is that this picture-perfect, petite-winged cherub had a rather mischievous side to him as well; shooting leaden tipped arrows into the would-be lover’s mate of choice, causing the quintessential polarity of LOVE – the little bastard (no, really, he was because who his father was remains in question to this dayeh-hem, but that’s a whole other story, LOL!). Cupid, accidentally scratched himself with his own golden arrow and fell madly in love with a beautiful mortal woman named Psyche (meaning, SOUL).  This, of course, was after Venus’ orders to shoot Psyche with his golden arrow to make her fall in love with a monster (due to the fact that Venus was jealous of Psyche’s beauty and was no longer receiving all the attention).  This just goes to show that we should never mess around with love – it can totally backfire!


Then we have St. Valentine of A.D. 270.  He was a Roman priest who had great compassion for the soldiers who, at the time, were under the strict edict of Emperor Claudius II.  The law prohibited them from not only seeing their women-in-waiting, but forbade marrying them as well.  Claudius believed being “in-love” made for a weak soldier. Saint Valentine, who was blatantly against this ban, commiserated with the soldiers, and even though he knew the penalty of breaking such a decree, he showed mercy and advocacy, and secretly married the love-smitten couples. As in “all good things must come to an end,” it did, and Saint Valentine was eventually arrested and jailed for his heartworthy endeavors.  During this time, Claudius tried to convince Saint Valentine to worship the Roman Gods, but Valentine refused and instead, tried to convert Claudius over to his faith. This angered the Emperor even more and he ordered Valentine’s execution.  Whilst awaiting the writ of his martyrdom, Saint Valentine befriended his jailer, who then introduced Valentine to his daughter.  The story goes on to say that the two fell in love, and just before his execution on February 14th, 270 A.D., he sent her a farewell note, signing it, “From your Valentine,” hence, Valentine’s Day.

Petite Expressions

Well, Bella Petite members and friends – it’s 2010, the year of the mighty petite!  This year is full of louder wants, deeper desires and critical acclaims of LOVE!  We need to show our significant other that we mean business, and that love has no measure of creativity!

So what do you do for that special ‘somebody’ in your life during the one holiday designed for love?  Do you give flowers, chocolates… perhaps a delicate little card with whispers of naughty affections written in a specialty scratch-n-sniff red ink (I actually prefer the pink), signed with a lipstick kiss? Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll do all three and a whole lot more! I enjoy giving it my all, always wanting to top the present or gesture I gave to my husband from the previous year. I wasn’t always like this but, in 1996, I was pierced, evidently, with Cupid’s “golden-arrow,” and I knew this was a love like no other. I knew this man was different; this man was my soul-mate and the love of my life! I knew, Valentine’s Day would never be the same again!


Our first Valentine’s Day, I baked him a double-layer, petite heart-shaped cake with the words “I Love You” in icing and a strawberry-chocolate filling oozing out the middle (ughdon’t ask!). Of course, I served this to him only after greeting him at the door with his favorite glass of merlot, leading him hand-and-hand to his “man-cave,” and sitting him down where I lovingly removed his shoes all while wearing my blush pink, heart-shaped, chiffon and lace apron…ONLY!  (OH, stop it…I had shoes on!). My ruby red stilettos showed off the sexy cleavage of my toes, and given that I was only a petite size TWO back then, the apron-strings that I tied creatively in a pretty bow fell perfectly from my back, covering the hills and valleys below *wink*!

Our first year he, gave me diamond earrings and a beautiful card.


Our second Valentine’s day together, I took him to a fine-dining restaurant where I had previously arranged with the maitre d’ to ask the chef to make a unique dessert by rimming the plate with the chocolaty words, I Love You, Valentine!”  However, I didn’t stop there – since my sweetheart and I carried on a relationship 1000 miles apart from each other and only got to see one another a few days out of each month, I really wanted him to feel like he was the only Man in the world (and of course, to keep me lingering on his mind when he went home, lol).  With the help of the Internet, and the kindness of this maitre d’, I was able to find the most beautiful long-stem rose (seriously, it looked like it was grown to fit the likings of a King), as well as a specialty-shop that inscribed “Be My Valentine” on a choice bottle of wine. I arranged for the Maitre d’ to have these items, with a note, waiting at the table upon our arrival – Randy was pleasantly surprised and proclaimed, “No woman had ever done this before!” We ate, we talked, we gazed – it was a perfect night.  But still, it wasn’t over yet!


After the surprise of the crème brûlée and the chocolaty delight, I led him outside to reveal his next surprise – a beautiful, petite wooden carriage, pulled by a singlewhite horse.  Randy couldn’t believe it was for him until the driver approached handing him my Valentine’s card and directing us to get in.  We toured the city, snuggling, kissing and acting like two love-birds “sitting in a tree,” (well, okay…a carriage, but nonetheless). Finally, our next stop – a cute little “cigar club,” where I had a fine Cuban cigar waiting for him inside from my previous set-up the day before.  We sat outside by the fireplace (thank God, too, because I have to admit, I was getting sick from the smoke…I know, not elegant), listening to the band, sipping a drink and talking about our love and where it might lead. I remember being so lost in his words and in the passionate way he spoke about the possibility of us having a life together that I almost forgot I had one more surprise for him for that night.

We left the swanky club (or should I say, “stanky club?”) and walked back to our car.  My Valentine leaned in to give me a kiss of thanks, thinking the day’s surprises were over and that we were heading home…NOT!  Once I’d passed the exit to my house, I think he caught on. We ended at a gorgeous place known as the “Hot-tubs,” which sit high on a hilltop, overlooking the city at Puddingstone Lake Resort.

Upon entering our private, deluxe hideaway, there were candles lit, chocolatecovered strawberries and a poem that read… “Can you taste my lips so sweet…,” (Oh, come on…you didn’t think I’d repeat that, did you?)  Some things need to be left to the imagination!

He, gave me diamonds and a beautiful card! (Are you seeing the pattern here?)


The point to this little trip down memory lane is about “expressing yourself” and not limiting your imagination, especially when it comes to romance!  Whatever it is you decide to do for the sweetheart in your life, just be sure to wear your heart on your sleeve; SHOW him/her the expressions that you feel in your heart and know that love, or the creation of love, has no boundaries. Whether you write it, buy it, cook it or just say it – do it with every ounce of emotion and every bit of passion you feel, and as the petite celebrity  pop-princess, Madonna once said in her hit songEXPRESS YOURSELF!

He DID, and gave me a diamond ring asking, “Will you marry me!?” Written by:  Tana Corporon

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  1. Love this story! I never even knew there was a real cupid. Sounds like your husband is a lucky guy. Thanks Bella Petite for bringing a fun story to read. It gave me some great ideas.

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