Supermodels Moonlighting From Iman, Kathy Ireland to Cindy Crawford

Supermodels-Iman-Kathy Ireland-Cindy Crawford.jpg

Supermodels and celebrities from Iman and Kathy Ireland to Cindy Crawford and Sandra Lee have tapped into the design and furniture world and found success.  In fact, Kathy Ireland built a $2 billion global brand, with over 15,000 products in her portfolio!  To what do we attribute the success to these women in the design world?  Are they moonlighting to find continued success or do they have a true passion for design?  Regardless, of what it is that motivates these women, they are beautiful inside and out.  Each are creative and first class entrepreneurs with a meaningful message to share, and all of these women have made meaningful contributions to their communities.  They are excellent role models.  As a fellow design professional, I am very happy they are part of the design world.

Let’s take a look at some of their accomplishment outside of the modeling world…

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