Supermodel Turned Mogul Kathy Ireland Is On Your Side! [KIWW] [ACafe Society]

Kathy Ireland is one of the most well-known names in modeling and now Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIWW) has become one of the most respected companies around the world, designing and marketing thousands of products ranging from clothes to household flooring (and just about everything in between!). The company is truly a design giant, with over $1.5 Billion in annual retail sales. Kathy Ireland’s path from the Sports Illustrated beaches to the boardroom has been unprecedented, and her name is now more often mentioned in the same sentence as moguls like Oprah and Martha Stewart than her modeling contemporaries.

In a recent interview with Kathy Ireland on the Bella Petite Hour, I discovered there truly is far more to Kathy than meets the eye. She is down to earth and indelibly smart, yet a rebel in business with an infectiously positive outlook! No wonder the Associated Press has called Kathy “a best friend to busy moms,” and Fairchild Publications recently named her one of the 50 Most Influential People in Fashion!

Though she been highly successful in fashion and fashion-related business, Kathy truly understands the plight of the petite woman and she’s clearly on our side in this movement to change the industry status quo! In our discussion Kathy revealed that she is absolutely against any type of discrimination in the fashion industry and has been voicing such objections through the years. She agrees that the fashion industry standards are antiquated and do not relate to real women and acknowledged that petite women are under-served by fashion. Most endearingly, Kathy even commented that she “could never figure out why height mattered in the fashion industry.”

Kathy also voiced support for Bella Petite’s positive ideology, calling for change in the fashion industry to include petite women who represent 70% of the U.S. population. In fact, not only does KIWW carry petite sizes and use petite models, but Kathy’s mom is a petite woman and she appears in her campaigns too. Kathy shared that she is aware of the real issues petite women have with fit and she strives to fulfill the fashion needs of all women by offering fashion advice for every figure on KIWW. Kathy explained, “my boss is the women out there, I’ve got the toughest boss in the world and I love her.” Her main message is for women to be true to themselves, and we support that 100%!

Tune into the Bella Petite Hour and listen to the full interview with Kathy to hear what she has to say about the fashion industry standards and petite women, what she’s doing to make a difference at KIWW, and how she handles her billionaire dollar business! Coming soon on the Bella Petite Hour interviews with Kathy Ireland Worldwide featured experts Chef Andre of ACafe Society for answers on food, entertainment and culture. Plus, award winning landscape designer and KIWW lifestyle expert Nicolas Walker! Written by: Ann Lauren

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