Sundance Channel “Push Girls” Stars Tiphany Adams & Angela Rockwood

Sundance TV Channel viewers are in for a real surprise June 4th at 10pm EST when the new show “Push Girls” airs for the first time. This inspirational new docu-series was produced by four amazing women living an exceptional life in wheelchairs. Each of them has a story, a personality and a light that shines brightly from within that could outshine the sun on a summer day!

Ann Lauren and I had the unique privilege to speak directly with two of these fabulous breakthrough stars, Angela Rockwood and Tiphany Adams, as they shared their stories with us on Bella Petite Hour radio show this week. Some of the responses to our pressing questions created a profound silence as we absorbed the reality of their life and the lightheartedness with which they approach every single challenge that has come their way.

Being a lifestyle expert, my heart was burning to know, how do they stay positive and what tools or techniques do they turn to when or if they ever feel down. It was not surprising to learn they turn to spirituality and find solace and comfort in knowing the eternal nature of their own souls exist beyond these temporal bodies and the material world. They have each other for support as well, which is a huge blessing. They love meditation and practice positive thinking all the time. Amethyst crystals and bubble baths create great peace and joy in their daily routines.

These women possess strong, powerful and inspiring characters, each unique in her own right. There’s the firecracker rapper, performer of the bunch. The bombshell beauty who falls in love during the show. The spokesmodel actress who’s defying all odds by creating massive success despite, and perhaps as a result of, her situation, and the rest… you’ll just have to watch to find out! They did share with us that the cameras follow them everywhere (even into the bathroom)! This is an in-depth exploration into the lives of para and quadriplegics which dispels many myths and shines light upon the truth of their day to day lives.

My final question was, what do these women hope will result from this show? Their response: “We want to offer a realistic portrayal about what it is like to live without use of your arms and legs. Dispelling all the myths and shining light upon the truth. People often fear what they don’t understand and, as a result of that, they stay away from it. We want to create a bridge and invite the viewers into our world and share the magic that we have to offer.”

I’m so excited and inspired to see this show, I have already told everyone I know they absolutely have to tune in to watch Push Girls on Sundance TV, and I hope you will too. This is one show not to be missed. TiVo it if you have to. Be sure to write in and let them know how much you appreciate them too, so they will always stay inspired to shine their light and stay positive. And they may just join Ann Lauren and me for a private retreat to Maui this summer to swim with the dolphins. The dolphins will be blessed to swim with these beautiful women, that’s for certain! Written by: Dashama of

Ann Lauren Livecast

Podcast Now Playing: Tune in to “Push Girls” Tiphany Adams and Angela Rockwood on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren), and co-host Lifestyle Expert Dashama and listen to exceptional young women who have beaten the odds and faced-down tragedy that has changed and shaped their lives, proving them to be amazing women! Premiering June 5th the new Sundance Channel docu-series “Push Girls: Explores The Lives Of Four Women As They Tackle Everyday Challenges, All While Living With Paralysis.” They are fearless females and not helpless women they face life head on despite their challenging disabilities. You will find out how you can make the best out of life’s worst circumstances and still be happy and live a fulfilling life no matter who you are! All on this special Bella Petite Hour! Podcast are available on the Bella Petite radio page and itunes.


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