Summer Petite Fashion Style Tips For Petite Women

This Summer is all about fabulous color and sumptuous fabrics. Combined with pastels and neutral for fun!  Spring floral prints are in the air with plenty of red and lace for Summer.  As always the predictable black and white defy time as their earned place combined with bold colors and cool patterns for this upcoming 2012 Summer fashion trends.  Some trends as we believe should be left on the rack, so choose wisely to achieve your best look! Subscribe to Bella Petite

I say that you should dress to be stunning!  I always love a hot sexy skirt and this is always a Summer must have. Nonetheless this Summer fashion designers are offering us all kinds of fun rockin’ fashion to delight! This season is replete with vivd prints, wild colors, prints and geometric patterns, including cool takes on animal prints to revive the 80’s retro cool looks. The main theme I want to impress upon petite women this Spring/Summer is tailored, classic, bold and edgy stylish looks!

1. Geometry, animal prints and strips are in this season.

Thin vertical prints, nicely fitted dresses and slim lines are petite girl’s best friends.  Fabulous prints look good on you! Whimsical patterns from bird prints to deer’s, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting whimsical prints.

Year after year stripes seem to hold a place in fashion. You can go wrong wearing stripes, from head to toe, so be conservative they can tend to make a petite woman look shorter and sometimes heavier.

2. Have fun, Go stylishly bold!

Follow what we know just enough skin to be classy and look stunning! Accentuate your look with bold colors and cool chunky jewelry.

3. Stay away from “Little girl, cute” syndrome

Always avoid “cute” at all costs. Many girlie floral prints look kiddish, but can get friendly with tailoring.  We petites dislike being called ‘cute’ unless it means sweet and nice.

4. Don’t wear overpowering clothes they should not wear you.

You want to shed heavy layers and keep in mind that cupcake layering  is not a good look on your petite frame. This look will create the illusion that you look shorter.

5. Don’t cringe petites high-waisted pants and skirts

Be careful high-waisted flare pants and skirts are big this spring/summer look for good scale and fit that doesn’t over power your frame. The pant that Katharine Hepburn made popular, is back. I suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt to add high style!

6. Crochette flash back

The 70’s are back,so check your mom’s closet for some cool throw backs in time. Vest and tops are all the rage this Summer!

7. Colors of the season Tangerine Tango and Mint Green

The color that jumps out at the head of the line for this spring when it comes to neon shades, is orange! There is no other color that can make a loud fashion statement as bright orange.  Choose wisely when you need a pop of color with a new handbag or a fabulous pair of shoes.

The next  color trend for 2012 spring/summer is mint green.  The racks will be full of fashions in a soft whimsical version of mint green.

Another color trend being you will see this spring, especially in handbags and shoes is neon’s, ranging from bright blues, yellows, greens, oranges, and hot pinks.

8. Naturally petites and heels is a must!

It’s a no-brainer for a petite woman to create a clean line wear atleast a two-inch heel.

9. Creamy neutrals

This is a closet staple and will lend you a nicely feminine look. Flowing pajama – styles, tunics and sheer blouses. You can opt for classical, and again comfortable.

10. Show your gorgeous legs ladies, creating wow factor!

You want to be seen in short shorts, miniskirts and well fitted pants.  Show them off by baring it all! Or leave them as a treat for later with a sneak peek.  This is a wonderful trend for petites who have short torsos too.

What are your favorite petite fashion trends? Tell us below.


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