Style, Fashion and The Petite Woman

Those supermodel glamazons stalking the runways don’t represent body types that majority of woman can identify with, but for the petite woman identity issues are especially accentuated. Perhaps that is the message behind this notion called “high fashion”- illusion and fantasy, taunting us with daunting images that scream unattainable, rules the fashion world.

For decades, larger-sized women (including pregnancy) were disregarded and left by the wayside by fashion designers.  Now, though, these women are regulars on the runways and we refer to such models as “plus-size” and “curvy.”

This revolution occurred in fashion, because enough light was shed upon this market segment of women and the clamor of the marketplace was too loud for the industry to ignore, hence the birthing of Lane Bryant and a plethora of fashion magazines expressly advocating for plus-sized women.

Until recently, the only look excluded from high fashion was that of the petite woman, 5’5″ tall and under (whether thin, fit, curvy or plus-sized), but the recent launch of Bella Petite Magazine  has put petites on the fashion forefront.

Our express mission is to challenge the industry standards and provide new opportunities and recognition for petite women, with featured high fashion editorials with petite models, something many thought would never happen.  Bella Petite has made fashion history, and there is nothing like us in the world!

This is a new year for petite women. You have no reason to posture as if you’ve been left out of fashion.   In fact, you now have an exclusive model search and magazine.  You are the latest trend that will takeover the fashion scene just as the “plus-size tall woman” has been inducted into the fashion industry, you will too.

As petite model Sundai Love says, “it’s time for petite women to stop complaining and take action to change the industry standards by joining Bella Petite. We need a platform advocating our look in the fashion industry. I was thrilled to discover BellaPetite and I subscribed immediately!  I understand the importance of the petite fashion movement, without it we won’t see the industry height standards come down. Petite women need to come together and support this opportunity at Bella Petite by participating. I don’t even buy the current fashion magazines any longer, because I don’t identify with the models in them.”

Bella Petite is the vanguard brand for the petite woman and we are leading the fashion revolution. It is an exciting time for aspiring petite models and petite consumers.

If you feel as strongly as we do about empowering petites, all you need to do is participate in our promotions and get the word out to millions of your petite girl friends to subscribe to Bella Petite!

Style is essential to the petite woman and we will continue to bring you information on up-and-coming petite designers, as well as the best labels available to the petite woman, in Bella Petite Magazine.


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