Spring Petite Fashion Highlights on The Bella Petite Hour

On February 2nd the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will discuss Spring petite fashion trends with public relations and marketing expert Vanessa Urenda of AM Northwest in Portland, Oregon. We will also have two excellent petite clothing designers TLé and Fernanda Carneiro.


You will find out about this season’s color palette, fashion themes and fabric patterns, and new style forecast for the petite woman.  Plus, we will discuss what to expect to see in TLé and Fernanda Carneiro’s new collections.  Both clothing designershave unique offerings for the petite consumer, and diverse insights and experience in the fashion industry.


The first guest designer is TLé, of TLé Designs, and she is all about making a statement for the petite woman!  At 4’11” she understands how extremely frustrating it is to find great-looking cosmopolitan styles.  All of TLé’s clothing is handmade utilizing unique fabrics, fun styles and vibrant colors.  TLé is committed to giving the petite female greater options.  Many of us are put out by the lack of fun, cool and trendy styling available in many department stores, and this designer is working to make that change!  Read more of about TLé’s story at BellaPetite.


The second guest designer on the show is Fernanda Carneiro.  She is creating some Hollywood buzz in fashion, and her designs are worn by many petite celebrities and featured on numerous television shows.  Fernanda’s designs are inspired by her strong Latina background.  In fact, her clothing line sizing is based on her own decisive scaling ideals.  She also attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing (FIDM).  Fernanda Carneiro debuted her 2010 spring collection to a critical acclaim as winner of the Fashion Angels Awards’ “Emerging Designer” award. Find out more about Fernanda Carneiro here at Bella Petite.


To complete our 2010 Spring highlights show, Bella Petite will present Vanessa Urenda from AMNorthwest in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.  Vanessa is a fashion stylist for the AMNorthwest morning show and she produces segments on upcoming trends, including accessories, shoes, everyday wear, evening wear and professional wear.

In addition, she works for a women’s apparel company Amai Unmei handling business management, trend forecasting and public relations.  We have an exciting announcement to make, as Vanessa will be a contributing expert and writer on Bella Petite.com!  There will be more news about Vanessa’s future with Bella Petite to come!

Bella Petite Hour Radio Show

On Tuesday, February 2nd at 10:00 am PST and 1:00 pm PST LIVE tune in to AmericasWebRadio.com for this fabulous segment on “Spring Fashion Highlights for the Petite Woman.”  As we promised, 2010 is the year of the petite woman!  If you have any comments or questions for our guest leave them here on Bella Petite and we will discuss them on the show.  Written By: Ann Lauren

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