Spotlight “Ann Lauren The Change Agent” By Maria Gamb

Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©
ann lauren
Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©

Maria:  Ann it’s so great to have you here today!  I am particularly excited to have you as a [Spotlight] guest because the essence of what you do contributes to and challenges the societal norms of beauty, self-esteem and worth.

Before we fully get into what you’re doing TODAY as a powerhouse female entrepreneur and executive, I would love for you to share how you became an entrepreneur.  You started at age 16…where did this bug come from?

Ann: I started out competing in modeling and beauty pageants style events.

That is when I began to experience “height” discrimination in the entertainment and modeling industry.  Many events and televised model searches have height requirements that prevent those under 5 ft 8 from competing at all.

Maria: How did this prompt you to become an entrepreneur? Complete interview at [Spotlight Interview] Ann Lauren- Brains, Beauty & Confidence in Business!

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Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright©


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