Smile! You are on Skype Camera! Job Strategies to Get You Hired!


The new trend in interviewing may require you to brush up on your camera skills. In 2011, it’s estimated that 42% of first round interviews were conducted via webcam according to the Wall Street Journal.

Video interviews cut down on costs and save time for companies. It allows the employer to get a sense of personality, body language and overall demeanor that can’t be captured in a phone interview or email exchange.

For some candidates, this new trend can make them a bit apprehensive. Remembering to be as natural as possible and to answer the questions fully is the key to success. Looking directly at the camera is another tip to ensure you are connecting with the hiring manger, and not at their face. Imagine the camera light as a point of focus.

Embarrassing moments can happen if you aren’t prepared. Lock kitty up and aware from your home office during the interview. Ensure that family members don’t accidently barge into the conversation, curious to see ‘who you’re talking to’ and turn off your cell phone to avoid interruptions.

On the flip side of the scale, the candidate gets a sense of the employer as well. Have your questions about the company near you, so you keep the conversation balanced. Remember the meeting isn’t just for the employer – it’s for you as well to ensure this is a good place for you to work.

Ask about the overall company culture and the interview process so you understand what comes next. Look at the employers answers carefully and notice body language, hesitations or excitement about the position you are applying to.

Like it or not, camera interviews may be the wave of the future. So, just sit back, take a deep breath and tell me a little about yourself.

Remember “dress to impress,” and “practice makes perfect,” we encourage you do several practice sessions with a friend!

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