Six Time Emmy Award Winner Shawne Duperon on Gossip!

Mention the word gossip and many people think of spiteful rumors spread without regard to the truth. In reality malicious rumormongers make up on a small fraction of what constitutes gossip, media and networking expert Shawne Duperon says.

This week on the Bella Petite Hour with (Host Ann Lauren) and co-host Business Expert Maria Gamb we have media expert Shawne Duperon joining us to explain how the need to form closer connections with others is actually transforming our human condition of primal desperation.

We all want to be part of the tribe, to bring our expertise, influence and knowledge to others. But in order to do that – we must network with others.  In this humorous and lively segment 6 time Emmy Award winning TV producer, PBS Host, networking guru and Phd candidate in interpersonal relationships, Shawne Duperon will show you how.

Six-time EMMY® Award winner Shawne Duperon has been in the television business for nearly 20 years. She has taught thousands across the globe how to powerfully communicate in business. She works with corporations, universities, government agencies and business owners teaching you how to strategically create epidemics in traditional and social media that exponentially grow your business or career.

Shawne has interviewed most presidents, and hundreds of sports stars and celebrities. She’s has replaced Bill Ford of Ford Motor Company when she spoke at the Department of Defense and is slated to speak to 4000 students this summer in Africa.

She’s currently a PhD candidate, creating leading-edge research on the relationship between mass media and gossip. One of her personal passions is the work she does with multicultural groups to help delete media stereotypes.

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