Sincerely, Nia: “Your Best YOU is in it”

Sincerely, Nia: Individuality II

“Alive within the energy field of every single one of you is a light so abundant, so overwhelmingly alive, that to touch upon it would fill your longing heart.Bartholomew, Reflections of an Elder Brother

LOVE THAT QUOTE!  Just reading it gives me more confidence.

Elements of Life is about discovering, uncovering the beauty and strength within, then gaining the courage to honor that, to grow it.

To kick off the whole Elements of Life series we’re going to begin with the element I consider to be one of the most powerful because to me it’s the basis of greatness, of genius, of happiness.  That element is INDIVIDUALITY.

“Beauty is in it. Your best you is in it”

“Believe it. Trust it.  Never doubt it.”

But know that it doesn’t mean being different for the sake of being different.  Individuality is being authentically you, as only you can be.

Ask yourself: As a person what about me seems different than most anyone else?

Make a list: Consisting of three things you like about yourself.

One of the things I think women struggle with is doing and being everything for everyone. Which can pull us further away from who we really are and the unique gifts we have to offer. For me the issue is being a classic over achiever.  The one who will figure out how to get everything done for everyone else, without even stopping to consider if it’s something that would add to my life.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that no matter how much that defined me in other people’s eyes, for me, it really didn’t add up to much.  I wasn’t feeding my deepest driving desires. All that doing was actually keeping me away from them.

In fact, keeping me from even knowing what my deepest driving desires were.  My husband used to ask me, “Nia, what do you want to do today?”  And all I could do is rattle off a list of things that needed to get done for everyone else. Things like, get Sienna a new pair of tennis shoes, fix Chris’ guitar neck, pick up Sam’s shirt from the dry cleaners for tomorrow nights event. “ No, Nia,” he would say, “I asked you what you wanted to do today.”  For years I couldn’t answer that question. In my effort to be and do for everyone else I had become separated from my own desires. Those desires are part of the key, they are a clue to defining my own individuality, and my own happiness. So I created this mantra for myself:

“The best I can do for everyone is be the best I can be.  And the best I can be is the
greatest me, not the greatest you.”

So, what is the greatest you?

To download the recorded seminar click here. Elements of Life “Individuality”

Written by: Nia Peeples


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