Sincerely, Nia…Get You Mojo Back! [petite celebrity][Nia Peeples]

Nia Peeples is taking the month of August off!  Yes thats right.  I’m off to Bali to regenerate, rejuevnate, refill, relax. everything RE. so in the meantime I have my wonderful guest writers coming in directly from my Inner Circle of Nia’s Elements Of Life our first guest writer is Cheryl Hiltzik.

Cheryl is a member of Nia’s Elements of Life Gaggle of Gals!

Living and working in Hollywood, “in the Biz” can be an exciting and glamorous adventure. It can also be a heartbreaking, soul-sucking experience.  It all depends on your outlook. It is your choice.

Say What?   About now you are probably wondering who has Hi-jacked Nia’s column….

I came to the above conclusion after experiencing both sides of Hollywood success.   I spent twenty years working on movies for every major studio.   I worked with my mom producing television segments promoting whatever new film we were hired to cover.   We would interview stars and shoot behind the scenes on film sets, we even worked with Nia and her hair on that 80’s comedy “I Don’t Buy Kisses.” The money was great, the chance to travel and meet famous people was often pretty cool, except when you were waiting around for hours to get an interview, often waiting for an inflamed ego to settle….and then in an instant it was gone.

You know the saying when one door closes another opens? Well I tried knocking on several, but the door kept slamming in my face. I had lost my mojo; “they” had finally discovered that I had no talent.

Then one day I met a beautiful woman who had spent her life helping other women put the pieces of their shattered lives back together after surviving domestic violence. You see, she too had been a victim, but the kindness of a stranger saved her life and she wanted to “pay it forward.”

Her passion so touched me that I asked her if I could produce a short video about her work.  I interviewed the survivors and the various Dr.’s who donated their services.   I was no longer asking about an actor’s motivation, I now was dealing with reality.   The women shared with me their painful past and allowed me to peel back their misplaced shame in order to help others find help and know that they were not alone.  The Doctors who donated their services restored my faith in the notion of good.

Their honesty and compassion gave me a chance to reconnect with my own passion for storytelling and when the finished piece was played at a fundraiser, in front of a couple of hundred people and received a standing ovation, I was hooked.  I got my mojo back. I could make a difference,  I produced that video for free, but the payoff has been tremendous…

In my twenty years of working on films I never had a celebrity wrap their arms around me and thank me for giving them back their life…pretty heady stuff!!  It has opened up an entire new career course as I am hired to bring attention to those extraordinary ordinary people who make a difference.  Through their stories I have found riches I never dreamed of; perspective, priorities and passion.

I am forever grateful that my career changed. I know that the people I now work with are truly stars, that I finally came to the right door and I wasn’t afraid to open it.  So back to my original statement….

Once I reconnected with my passion, I figured out how to use my skills in a way that brings so much meaning and value to my life. It is an exciting and glamorous adventure that fills my soul to overflowing.


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2 thoughts on “Sincerely, Nia…Get You Mojo Back! [petite celebrity][Nia Peeples]”

  1. August is a great month to RE everything. For me, August is like the start of the new year, the time to think about myself and who I am so I can be ready to continue with life, starting with school. 🙂
    Have fun REing, Nia!


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