Sincerely, Nia: “Believe it. Trust it.  Never doubt it.”

The best I can do for everyone is be the best I can be.

The best I can be is the greatest me, not the greatest you.

What is the greatest you?

Many times I see women trying to force themselves into a specific shape. They think it’s the shape of happiness, which is good except, whose definition of happiness is it?

Whose expectation is it?  Think about it.

Your Best You Is In It

Have you ever found yourself struggling to achieve something, and then wondering why you did it at all? Or worse, wondering why you continue doing it every week or month or year?  Like sending out those perfect Christmas cards with current photos of your kids, the dog and cat alongside that 3 page diatribe of what’s been happening in your family when the greatest part of it for you is experiencing the feeling of relief that comes when it’s all over with. Aren’t you supposed to enjoy both the process and the outcome of those efforts?

Have you ever heard yourself complaining about how little time you have for just relaxing with your kids and enjoying your family because you’re too busy shuttling them to and from soccer games? So why do you do it? Who said that being in soccer like every other child in school is going to lay the foundation for their very success and happiness? Who determined that there is more value in their soccer participation than in their weekend family hangouts? These are the questions we need to start asking ourselves. How do we want to live? Who is defining our happiness?

It goes deeper than that because how we live should be an expression of who we are. If all I’m doing is running around trying to keep the pieces together than who am I? I’m just a facilitator. How am I adding a piece of myself to anyone’s life?  Its time we realize that we have a choice in all these matters. It’s time to realize that the best thing I can do for my kids, my husband, my friends and family and my job, is to give them the best of who am.  Not the best of Sandy soccer mom up the street.

Believe it

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being a soccer mom or writing a beautiful Christmas letter. What I’m saying is there’s everything right with that IF it’s what you actively, consciously choose. If you have decided that those things are adding the value to your life that you want them to add then do it.

The important thing here is, Individuality:

“Beauty is in it. Your best you is in it.

“Believe it. Trust it.  Never doubt it.”

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Written by: Nia Peeples


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