Sincerely Nia, “An August Adventure” [petite celebrity] [Nia Peeples]

Let me ask you some questions:

Do you feel alive?  Do you get excited?  Are you curious? Are you aware and living in the moment?  Or do you feel like you’re living in a box, in a world that is already formed. You know every wall, every edge, every corner, every component of it.

You know all the rules, all the players, all the duties, and the schedules.  Now let me ask you this: do you feel safe, yet at the same time somewhat trapped? Stuck in the very life you created?  A bit too defined, and a bit too confined by your own persona, your own identity?

Is it possible that you feel somewhat safe yet at the same time there is this part of you tucked away just waiting to be unearthed and it’s clawing at you from the inside trying to get you to throw open the door and let it out (not to be seen, but to explore, discover, expand, change colors… whatever) with no preconceived ideas as to how it’s supposed to look, sound or perform?

For most of us, the answer to those questions is “yes, yes and yes,” so even if we love our little boxes (that we ourselves created so very carefully) there is an element of each and every one of us that is wild and hungry, curious and intrepid.  That element needs to live, not be hidden within us, but along side us as partner to our outward identities and personas.

This wild woman is there to feed our identities and personas to help them evolve and avoid becoming stagnant.  She doesn’t need to become who we are in total, but she needs to be acknowledged and set free.  She is allowed to howl now and again, so we can continue discovering and evolving into our authentic selves. I’m saying the catalyst for all of that is Adventure.

That being said, I’m going on a jaunt. Yep. I’m taking the month of August off and I’m traveling to Bali with my daughter Sienna.  We will be meeting up with my husband Sam, and living in a world I’ve only ever heard of.   We’re going to live in a hut, tool around on scooters and surf the local spots.  I realized this is what I needed while writing my June Elements OF Life seminar on “Adventure.”

I’m becoming more talk than show.   I’m spending so much time writing about certain things that I’ve hardly the time to experience them!  And believe me, these elements are ways of being, not merely ways of having been.  These are things I believe whole heartedly need to be revisited again and again….so are you proud of me???  While I’m gone I’ve got some fabulous contributors for you. All of them are from my Inner Circle at Nia’s Elements Of Life.

There’s the wonderful and wise Kim Terranova, life coach exraordinare. You heard her on the Bella Petite Hour last month. Then there’s my fabulous web master, Jessica, all the way from Sweden. She blogs with me every week on the Brand Knewz page of the EOL wellness site. She’s an amazing young writer who has over come some pretty intense experiences as a teen.

We even have my great friend Jen Hunter from Lita’s World and my Growing Green segment at EOL as well my Gaggle of Gals. These are my most trusted gal pals, (and my mom) who love me enough to be honest.  They’re funny, outspoken, and a little bit crazy if I do say so myself.

I may not be here all through the month of August, but I’m sharing some of my greatest assets of EOL with you!!  In the mean time I’ll see you next week on the Bella Petite Hour with co-host Ann Lauren and special guest Shay Mitchell from the hit and hip new show Pretty Little Liars.  If everything works out she’ll be trying to squeeze us in during a press junket to talk about life as a young model and her drive to stop childtrafficking.  And if the press is too tight and Shay has to reschedule….you get Ann and me and a surprise guest!  See you there..


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9 thoughts on “Sincerely Nia, “An August Adventure” [petite celebrity] [Nia Peeples]”

      1. Stumbled onto this site because of Shay Mitchell and Nia Peeples. Great interview. I love this site and your blog! I’m also petite. Finally a magazine for us 🙂 Also, Shay is def. awesome but so are you Nia. Great Filipinas to look up to.

  1. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. BellaPetite is the place for petite women to come an enjoy!

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