Sincerely, NIA…Next stop? FAITH

Sincerely, NIA…

Beauty is in it.

Your best you is in it  Believe it. Trust it. Never doubt it.

“What’s at stake is nothing less than our own personal autonomy- our capacity to empower ourselves so that we may choose the course of our life rather than have it chosen for us by others whose values may differ radically from our own. We may make the decision to go our own way, which is the only true way, but if we’re caught without wind in our sails, we’ll find ourselves captive, doing the bidding of those we detest. And the tragedy is this: we may never give the gift which is ourselves to those we love, or find out who we truly are.” Richard Bode, First You Have to Row a Little Boat

We are all valuable.  We each have something within that is worth sharing.  Our believing that allows us to discover. Our discovering sets us afire to share.   Our sharing of our greatest gifts brings forth more and more of our authentic and unique selves and ultimately deeper into our happiness.

May we never get caught without wind in our sails, doing the bidding for those we detest.  How can we if we honor and grow our own light?  Remember:  Alive within the energy field of every single one of you is a light so abundant, so overwhelmingly alive, that to touch upon it would fill your longing heart.

Next stop? Faith…. in that very light….

Listen to my first Bella Petite Hour LifeStyle radio show on “Faith,” with special guest Lynn Serafinn.  See you next week!

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Written by: Nia Peeples

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