Sex, Romance and Careers Love-A-Licious! [relationship advice] [job advice]

Is it possible to intermingle Sex, Romance and Careers- According to Radio Host Candace Chambers-Belida, it can be done, but done carefully. With the rise of social media, and workplace romance, can two people really have a successful relationship and a career too?

Most employers have frowned upon couples dating in the workplace due to the emotional baggage it can carry. Besides the friction and gossip that a romance may generate, it opens the door for legal issues such as harassment and law suits, and retaliation, disharmony in the workplace. But the most dangerous and lethal of them all is infidelity. Despite the fact that a couple may have been hit by cupids arrow, the bolt of lightening of infidelity to follow, causes more harm and pain than one can expect, besides the embarrassment that leaves its permanent mark, like the scarlet letter. Infidelity can cause permanent and irreversible damage.

It’s true that when people fall in love, it can hit you at moment when you least expect it. But when it comes to the workplace, it must be handled with kit gloves. Wisdom and restraint will be useful tools, in order to secure a lasting relationship. Most times you will find that if the couple finds that they are inseparable, they will get married and embrace their relationship with openness and honesty in the work-place.

There is no ignoring social media has brought the world to your door step, and it’s not going to go away. So instead of running away from this fact, its best to deal with it with maturity and wisdom. If the workplace relationship is true love, then nothing will be able to break-up or hinder the relationship, not even a career. As Tina Turner once said, “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” absolutely everything. If it comes down to choice, and a sacrifice has to be made, whatever is necessary for the continuance and success of the relationship will be done, even if one has to quit their job in order to be in the relationship. Forced departure happens a lot as well, when one partner chooses a different career path for the common good of the relationship, it’s the relationships saving grace.

It’s important to know for sure the true value of the relationship and its worth. Some relationships are destiny, and you’ve come to find your soul mate and longevity is attached. But some relationships are causal sex, or just a mere fling.

You must evaluate whether or not you want to lose your family or career over something that is just for the moment. Many careers have been shattered and destroyed by office romance, and infidelity, it’s quite a hefty price to pay for something that might not be the real thing. Everything in life cost something, and you have to decide if you are willing, to possibly pay the price of losing your reputation, and job, social network and other things that you find important when having an office romance.


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