The Network Talent Change the Industry, Change the World!

Change the Industry, Change the World

It’s not every day that you hear about a modeling or fashion company whose mission is nothing short of global transformation. Spend some time with The Network Talent or with Bella Petite, however, and you will suddenly find yourself in the company of not one, but TWO such companies.

The Network Talent connects modeling agencies around the world and Bella Petite offers a petite modeling and fashion alternative to the mainstream fashion industry, but both share a passion for changing the image-based industry around which each evolves – from the self-referential, narcissistic, greedy, and harmful industry that it is now, to one that is all-inclusive, productive, inspiring and healthy.

Bella Petite Magazine is making sweeping changes for petite models. That is why The Network Talent is supportive and endorses their fashion initiative and the Bella Petite model search. The Network knows that modeling agencies are not looking for petite models, so if petite models want recognition Bella Petite is offering an opportunity for petite women  to become models! Bella Petite Model Search

From its slogan, “Changing the world, one Role Model at a time,” to its online magazine and Wellness Program for models and talent, The Network Talent does not just connect modeling agencies around the world and create stars from the models its agencies discover; it also helps these agencies to develop models and talent who are healthy, well-rounded, and supported to make choices that will give back the world.

Their goal is to provide a positive example of beauty on the inside and out to the millions of young people around the globe who are influenced by models and the fashion industry, Subscribe to Bella Petite Magazine

Super agent Paul Fisher – formerly the agent of modeling icons such as Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Eva Herzigova and Carre Otis – founded The Network Talent for one reason and one reason alone: to revolutionize the modeling industry. He hated the way that the modeling and fashion industry ate up little kids and spit them out, created monsters, and fostered self-destruction among the models and public alike. BUT… he loved the creative aspects of the industry, the beauty and inspiration he found among various models, talent and industry professionals, and most of all, he appreciated the power of the industry to affect people around the globe.

Until now, the majority of the effects of the modeling industry have largely been negative (leading to negative self-image and low self-esteem, eating disorders and drug addictions). But what if the industry could use its power for good? To help influence young people to be passionate, to get involved in community outreach and volunteering, and to live a happy, healthy and productive lives? The Network Talent was founded on this vision. Launched only in February of 2011, The Network Talent is already making waves, booking some of its young talent with clients such as Calvin Klein and Versace, and launching a reality TV show that was picked up by one of television’s biggest networks to premiere as their new midseason primetime show “Remodeled”.

Written by: Bathseva Vaknin


Bella Petite Hour podcast now playing (with host Ann Lauren) featuring special guest interviews with The Network Talent CEO Paul Fisher, and Director BatSheva Vaknin.

Listen to Paul Fisher’s plans for industry change to revolutionize how models and talent work, live and change lives for the greater good.  Fisher candidly shares his accomplishments and regrets, as one of the biggest industry career creators and his plans for a global industry transformation.

The Network Director BatSheva Vaknin expresses her plans to encourage healthy mental and physical wellness for talent.  You’ll learn how two powerhouses The Network Talent and Bella Petite set forth to create new fashion and beauty ideology that will change the industry status.  TUNE IN NOW (podcast 7/26/11)

The Bella Petite Hour live broadcast are every Tuesday at 10am PST and 1pm EST on America’s Web Radio.

The podcasts are available here on the Bella Petite radio page and iTunes.



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