Major Transition or Transformation of Your Life By Maria Gamb [The Change Agent]

Reflection: Major Transition or Transformation of Your Life

This is a reflection on making a major transition or transformation in your personal life. Your business and personal lives are not exclusive they are actually one in the same, seamless, and a natural extension of who you are. If it’s not, that’s another article for another time.

For many, including myself, this has been a time of having to make some hard choices and decisions as to how I will engage in my professional life and what truly makes me happy. I know you’re going through the same thing, because you’re all telling me this via social media and emails.

Today, I offer you a simple process to move through “tough times” and your period of confusion that make be dampening your fun lately.

Business Expansion and Life Expansion Finding a Happy Balance

For every business there is a time to do, plan and then execute specific activities. Everything is done is a very clear-cut, specific sequence. You may not want to hire new people onto your team without knowing what skills you need or currently have already. You may not want to plan a brand expansion without looking at what worked and what didn’t work. Looking for a new avenue within your business may not be appropriate if you haven’t decided how you really want to live your life. Are you really willing to work 100 hours a week? Or perhaps, making an adjustment to your plan would prevent that from happening.

There is a simple 5-Step plan for anyone in business to follow when they are faced with wanting to make a change, create a shift or engage in a product expansion. See previous blog posts on this topic.

Are those steps any different in your personal life?

Does one use the same tools and check list?

Yes, Actually they can. You can say that in your life you want to re-evaluate your career, potentially interview for a job or even move forward towards finding a relationship. The cycle and seasons of any transformation are the same just the jargon looks different, for example;

1. Review what makes you happy & what doesn’t in the situation

2. Decide if wanting your happiness and fulfillment is really important to you and if so, create a plan to get where you want to go. Get rid of the baggage that’s been holding you back.

3. What do you value most? And how do you create that value in your work life and personal life that reflects your plan? Modify plan based on this information.

4. Take action on your plan and the benefits you want or the desires you have (i.e. working normal hours, flexible travel and or the ability to go to the gym in the mornings, or in your romantic life – “I need someone who will want to go to the gym with me rather than watching Sports Center all weekend because being active is important, valuable and a core part of my life”)

5. The actions are in alignment with the plan. Now, rather than holding on for dear life will you consider other, possibly better, opportunities and possibilities? How about an up leveling of your job in a way you hadn’t considered before? Or potentially moving somewhere else because being in the city makes you happier than the countryside – or vice versa.

The point is; the process of determining what you want, what makes you happy and well balance in your life and work is about going through transformative steps. There is a sequence, there is a reason and a method for constantly saying YES at each junction to creating your life, your career and achieving a work life balance you really crave.

Remember, you cannot be an effective business leader if you are broken down, exhausted, shut down and unhappy.

Like attracts like.   And that kind of like isn’t very attractive to others who really crave to be part of something bigger and expansive.

You cannot give what you, yourself do not possess. So get clear on what will make YOU happy and go for it FIRST. It really does make a difference.

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Written by: Bella Petite Busines Expert Maria Gamb

CEO, Speaker and Mentor to Emerging Leaders
Author of the Amazon Best Selling Book “Healing The Corporate World”

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