“Pretty Little Liars” Petite Celebrity Shay Mitchell [petite celebrity] [Nia Peeples]

This week’s Bella Petite Hour Lifestyle show hosted by petite celebrity Nia Peeples will feature Nia’s co-star from the hit ABC television show Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell.  We will get the scoop on what’s happening with this rising young starlet.

Shay began modeling in her pre-teens in Vancouver, British Columbia. An international modeling agency held an open casting call for teen and preteen girls who were vying for representation. Shay was one of the girls preteens selected. By her late teens, Shay a petite model standing at 5’5″  had successfully worked as a model for a variety of companies in cities around the world from Bangkok and Hong Kong to Barcelona.  After her stint in modeling she decided to focus on her true passion, acting.  Mitchell returned to Toronto and began participating in acting workshops with great focus and determination.

Shay’s efforts paid off when she received her big break by landing a part as a season regular on the new show Pretty Little Liars, a series based on young adult novels by Sara Shepard.  The ABC television series chronicles the lives and experiences of four girls. The main characters are 5’6″ Spencer (Troian Avery Bellisario), 5’4″ Hanna (Ashley Victoria Benson), most petite at 5’2″ Aria (Lucy Hale), and 5’7″ Emily (played by Shay Mitchell).

Essentially their cool clique falls apart after the mysterious disappearance of their leader, Alison. Several years later, the group of cohorts begin receiving text messages from someone using the name “A” who threatens to expose their nasty little secrets, including the long-hidden secrets they thought only Alison knew.

The final secret that we will expose will be the truth about these young ladies’ height. In our research most celebrities exaggerate their height and it seems this cast is not immune to that phenomena!


Tune in LIVE on August 3rd at 10:00 am PST or 1:00 pm EDT at America’s Web Radio to listen to this summer’s hottest new show “Pretty Little Liar’s” featuring Nia Peeples and Shay Mitchell!

Let us know what you think here on Bella Petite!

The live radio show podcast will be available on Bella Petite and itunes within twenty four hours after the broadcast. Written by: Ann Lauren


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23 thoughts on ““Pretty Little Liars” Petite Celebrity Shay Mitchell [petite celebrity] [Nia Peeples]”

  1. That was a really great interview i think its my favorite one so far that anyone has done with shay 🙂

  2. Shay your make me feel good about being gay. It was so hard the first time I feel in love with my girl friend and she didn't feel the same.

  3. this is honestly a very disappointing sitebellapetite u guys don’t know anything!!! for of all shay mitchell is 5ft.7 and a half. does she really look short to u. second of all sandra bullock is 5ft8 yet u guys say shes petite. why are u claiming tall beautiful woman to petite? have you wtched pretty little liars? shay is obviously tall!

    1. Dear Kenlina, Shay Mitchell is a friend of ours and we interviewed her on the Bella Petite Hour. The article clearly states as a teen she was considered a petite model at 5’5″ and now she is 5’7″. Again, Sandra Bullock is another celebrity that we have accurately listed her height, our sources confirm that she is not 5’8″. Since you have stated that you are not a petite woman, we think you may better appreciate a website that caters to you like Vogue, Elle & Cosmo. Have a good day!

        1. yeah troian is 5’6 and as far as i know shay is 5’8 , im not sure if 5’7 or 5’8 but she’s taller than troian , it just troian looks taller than shay coz she’s more skinny and shay is curvy..

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