Petty Petites and Adversarial Glamazons Call Us a “Fetish.”

You Say “Fetish,” I say, “Free Choice.” Calvin Klein redefined sexy with petite model Kate Moss and Mark Whalberg.

Bella Petite Calvin Klein Kate Moss Mark WahlbergI read a tirade on a “tall man’s” blog from a woman who is 5’9” and evidently annoyed over the petite-preferences, said that when a tall mandates a petite woman, he undoubtedly has a “little girl fetish.”

LIKE, OH—My—GAWD!! GAG ME WITH A SPOON! Did you really say that? I’m sorry, but clearly, this Amazon, herself, has a sick fantasy going on in her own head to say something that gross (am I too gruff here? GOOD!). I mean, seriously, who thinks like that? Certainly not Calvin Klein, who singlehandedly redefined “sexy” with petite model Kate Moss one of the most iconic faces of women in the fashion world for decades.

To possibly propagate a negative notion, one that attaches an undesirable connotation to, for all you know, an innocent man’s preference in a life-mate, is not only reckless (towards the tall man who might read your irresponsible post, or the petite woman falling in love with a tall man), but, completely unfounded.  Obviously, this comment made me quite mad, which brought out the ex-valley-girl in me – and trust me, that’s NOT a pretty sight!

Why would you not believe this is anything more than “free choice” or human nature?

Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

I’ve also read some Amazon Bloggers who have challenged the “tall-men/petite-women” love interests as of insignificant value because, to quote loosely, “short women need a tall man to validate themselves as a real woman!” Again, ARE YOU KIDDING!?

Perhaps your head is too high in the air, and you’re not getting enough oxygen to think straight?  (I don’t know, just speculating!)  It’s such a ridiculous statement that I won’t dignify it with one of my cheeky comments…oops, I guess I already did! (Don’t EVEN get me started!). Glamazons prepare to make way for the second coming! Miss Lottie Moss is walking in mom’s steps, and as we see they look like identical twins!


Fortunately, most of the glamazon women did not use the word “short” to describe their petite opponent bombshell petite 5’3″ Meghan Fox.

At the same time, they griped to an invisible audience of “tall men,” hiding behind a one-dimensional keyboard. Please, stop hoping for men to get your message through the intertwining internet traffic-jam to post on their whiney, “we’re the victim” website (is that dramatic enough for you? *sigh*).  Instead, not to their credit, however, they used the term “petite,” tied together syntactically with the hint of ridicule and coupled with contemptuous words such as “sweet, little or cute,” followed by sneering and destructive comments.

All puns aside. Here is the final cheeky installment for you to laugh your face off at how petty Petites and adversarial Glamazons bring the heat! Petites vs. Amazons “Facts And Petite Figures” Part Three

Written By Tana Corporon Petty Petites of Adversarial Amazons? part one

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Calvin Klein, singlehandedly redefined “sexy in the 90’s with petite model Kate Moss the most iconic face of the fashion world for decades.

10 thoughts on “Petty Petites and Adversarial Glamazons Call Us a “Fetish.””

  1. It's no wonder we petites has issues with confidence when the tall girls talk the way they do about us! Many thanks to bella for building our confidence.

  2. Step off tall witches! Can't believe what the amazons are sayin bout us petites, totally jealous and the air is thin.

  3. The reasons are clear tall women are insecure about being too tall jones! In my experience men don't like tall women at all thats why they are baggin on us petite girls!

  4. cute petite, I work in the pageant world and all the contestants say O cheryle how cute you are and pat me on the head. And I'm there stage Dir.

  5. Not saying I have something against tall women, but its women with a mindset like that and being bitter that fail to get a man. besides they represent a smaller percentage in the U.S. , whereas a larger percentage of Petite women like myself are here to stay. Get over it.

  6. How disappointing.

    I am a tall woman. And it hurts me to see these articles and comments full of insults against my body type.

    I’m truly sorry if some tall women were unduly nasty to you. That was totally out of order of them. However, those women don’t represent me. There is no need to stoop to their level (for want of a better phrase!) and insult tall women in return, to make yourselves feel better.

    Don’t we females get enough self esteem issues implanted into our brains already? Do we really need to attack each other over yet another aspect of our bodies?

    It is NOT okay to make someone feel bad about their height – something which they can’t change. Please let’s not go there. Women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful – it all depends on your personal taste, and thank goodness that taste is so varied.

    1. Hi Leigh: We completely agree with you and that is why this article series was written. Our writer of this series was totally shocked when she conducted her research in order to write this series. In an effort to make light of it she attempted to put a humorous spin on it to make it entertaining for both tall and petite women to read and hopefully soften their negativity. This was our attempt to bring attention to how tall women and the media (fashion, beauty, modeling) industry represents petite women and how “some women” not all, seem to truly dislike petite women to point of writing about us in a very disparaging manner.

      We could not agree more with you “It is NOT okay to make someone feel bad about their height – something which they can’t change.” And only hope that some day the media, fashion and beauty industry becomes more accepting and that tall women ease up on the hate for us.

      Thank you for your commentary and sharing your thoughts on this subject. Have a fabulous week!

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