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Some of the latest Spring and Summer trends could seem un-doable for a petite woman who’s 5’5” tall and under.  We often find ourselves looking at magazines or store windows wondering why they’re so pretty, yet not made for us. I’ve got news! Yes you can, it’s just a matter of knowing how. By using the right fabrics, cuts and proportions while maintaining your body’s silhouette.

I’ve chosen 3 of these trends to look at and give you tips on how a petite women can pull them off:

Tribal Prints

Fanatics of the modern urban indigenous or bohemian styles are particularly drawn to the prints. Be sure not mix-match as it will not only confuse the onlooker but draw attention your shorter frame. Wear the prints with solids. Keep the printed pieces to a minimum, on the bottom using a skirt preferably above the knee. If you have a preference for dresses, see to it that they are cinched at the waist, in a light cotton fabric ending in a soft flare or tulip shape. Do ensure the prints are always vertical or diagonal to create a leaner line. Finish it off by adding nude or camel colored shoes to elongate your stems.

Petite Celebrity actress 5’2″ Lucy Hale tribal ensemble looks fabulous!

Midi Skirt

It’s so good to have the option to wear longer length skirts now and still be in fashion. The midi skirt is a great way to stay comfortable in warm weather without feeling self-conscious about over exposure. Petite frames should go for the skirt a few inches below the knee or at the widest part of your calf. You may display a more lengthened image with a small crinkled style. A not too wide A-line cut can be fun & flirty with a higher waist plus a basic shirt tucked in a blousy effect. Pointy pumps make a great final touch to the entire look.

70’s Style Jeans

We petites tend to shy away from wide leg or flared jeans. Don’t let them intimidate anymore because, you’ll want to choose simple flat front styles with uncomplicated details and pockets near the side seams. The flared hem should be no wider than the width of your shoulders and hips. Always stick with darker wash cotton denim then pair with a belted blouse, or choose a body skimming top to avoid looking boxy. Make sure your jeans brush the top of your foot when you rock them with pointy heels, and fun platform wedges to complete the get up.

Check out petite celebrity reality show star 5’0″ Kourtney Kardashian rock her 70’s petite fashion style!

I hope you’ll now feel more at ease the next time you’re browsing the stores, knowing that although trends are just suggestions for us to buy, we can if we choose to and look fab by doing so…  Written by:  Tamy Lugo

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6 thoughts on “Petite Women Can Pull It Off [petite fashion] [petite clothing]”

  1. Thank you Tammy 🙂 I’m 5 feet tall and it’s very hard to find fashionable stuff that fits me 🙂

  2. Awesome article! I have some petite friends that will be happy to hear about these fashionable styles! I look forward to your next article!

  3. Always have problems with patterns I am 5’0 never really looks too good. will try after reading this!

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