Petite Profiles: 5’2″ Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson: “You don’t have to hold onto the pain to hold onto the memory.”

By: Ann Lauren

Even the dynamic, unstoppable petite-powerhouse, Janet Jackson, was caught in little fib to OPRAH when she mentioned, “I am little, I’m 5’4″ tall.”  According to many, that’s stretching the truth.  The petite pop star is believed to, in fact, be 5’2″.  Bella Petite won’t hold Janet’s petiteness against her… we will always love her!

In several interviews over the years, Janet has admitted to being a kind person who is easily hurt, and believes we all have the need to feel special.  “In complete darkness, it is only knowledge and wisdom that separates us, ” notes Janet in her biography.  She also recalls the day her father told her to stop calling him “Dad.”  “I will never forget that. I was really young, about 6 or 7, and as a kid, that was very hurtful to me,” Janet described.


“I went through a lot, from age 15 to about 19 years. I was very young. I used to hurt so badly that I’d ask God, ‘Why, what have I done to deserve this?'”  With her brother Michael’s recent passing, discussion of the Jackson family patriarch, Joe Jackson, and his questionable parenting techniques has again become a popular topic of conversation.  It was very fortunate for Joe to spawn such talent children, yet such a shame these shining stars had a father like Joe!


We have all watched and listened intently to the horrible things Joe Jackson put his kids through in their early years.  It is no wonder that Michael cut all ties with Joe late in his life.  Nevertheless, Michael and Janet Jackson had a close and loving relationship as siblings.  Their support for one another continued throughout the years.  She was no doubt devastated by the recent loss, and Bella Petite’s sincere condolences are with Janet Jackson and her family.

Petite Pop Star Makes Music History!


With Janet Jackson’s 1986 song “When I Think of You,” she and Michael became the first siblings in the rock era to each record #1 songs as soloists.



Janet Jackson is in a class of her own.  She is the only woman singer in the history of Billboard’s album charts to score 5 back to back #1 studio albums, including: Control, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, Janet, The Velvet Rope, and All For You.  Together these albums sold more than 60 million copies worldwide.  Her albums “Design of A Decade” and “Damita Jo” both reached Top 3 status on the charts.



Janet won 9 Billboard Awards in 1990 for Rhythm Nation 1814, and catapulted herself to a new level of professional success with the accompanying Rhythm Nation world tour, which was the most successful highest grossing debut tour of any artist. Rhythm Nation 1814 spent four weeks at #1 on both the Pop and R&B charts in the USA.  It sold another 10 million worldwide, and the album spawned seven top 5 hits, including four #1’s.

Janet Jackson also became the first artist to score a #1 hit simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock singles chart with “Black Cat” in 1990.

Janet’s first self-titled album peaked at #63 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums and sold a disappointing 250,000 copies.  Her sophomore album “Dream Street” reached #147 on Billboard and sold only 200,000 copies.  But her third album “Control” sold over 10 million copies worldwide and produced five top 5 hits including Nasty, Let’s Wait Awhile, and When I Think Of You.


The album “Janet” produced six top 10 hits and sold over 15 million copies.  Janet is the #2 most successful artist on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart, behind another famous petite pop-star, 5’3″ Madonna.  Janet also holds the record for the most weeks spent at #1 on the R&B chart for her 1994 single, “Any Time, Any Place.”

Janet Jackson is one of the top selling female artists of all time, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide.  She’s ranked byBillboard magazine as one of the top ten best-selling music artists in the history of contemporary music.  The Recording Industry Association of America lists her as eleventh best-selling female artist in the United States, with 26 million albums sold.


5’2″ Pop Star Janet Jackson on Style!

Janet has endorsements with PepsiCo, American Airlines and Revlon. She was named #37 in FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005” special supplement, and ranked #10 on VH1’s “100 Sexiest Artists.”

It is time to pay homage to Janet as a petite pop-star fashion icon!  I know most of us realize the impact Janet made on our wardrobes, perhaps only eclipsed by Madonna among petite pop-stars.

Janet is a style chameleon that has developed her look over the years from a diverse range of influences.  Among her notable choices, a military-style credited to her brother Michael, a white tank top and ripped jeans borrowed from the supermodels of the late ’80s, and a zoot suits inspired by classic Hollywood.  Janet’s music and style was, and is, about respecting yourself and being in control.  After all, years after she first said it, you know the deal: her first name ain’t “Baby,” it’s Janet.  Although, at this point in her career we think she has earned the title Ms. Jackson, and it doesn’t matter if she’s “nasty” or not.

Janet Jackson & Bruno Schiavi
Janet Jackson & Bruno Schiavi


Janet’s fashion industry efforts expanded last November with the launch of her own lingerie line, in stores now!  Her “Pleasure Principle” line, developed with Australian designer Bruno Schiavi, is seriously hot!  The line is perfectly proportioned for the petite frame.  According to Janet, “I’ve always hated when lingerie is uncomfortable, so the fit and comfort was key.”

As with her music, Janet took creative control of the line and says she was hands-on during the entire process, sometimes working until the wee hours of morning.

“The collection has been carefully created with some of the finest laces from around the world. You will see a lot of satin and lace combined and rich colors such as burgundy and beige, silver and peach as well as your classic black and white. It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it,” Janet reveals.

Pleasure Principle’s first luxury lingerie’s collection offers 14 designs, with bra styles ranging from balconettes and demi-cups to full coverage.  Sizes range from 30A to 44DDD, great for petite fit and petite full figured customers.

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