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I want to impress upon you that we are all created equally.

My message of leadership is meant; to ignite female empowerment, inspire confidence, and engage in harmonic collaboration. 

I want women to look and feel as beautiful as we are, and for us to embrace our individuality because it is our differences that make us uniquely beautiful.

It is our time to soar by becoming new world leaders representing diversity, acceptance, love, and world peace. When we unite in a common cause, we harness the power to make miracles happen, and that is hardcoded within our supernatural DNA.

Bella Petite’s perception of beauty is a born hybrid of the beholder meant for her©, to revolutionize the appearance of the modern era’s fourth into the fifth industrial fashion ethos, by celebrating our diversity. Fashion has no boundaries, only infinite possibilities. Dream Bigger!

My vision uplifts women with positive non-discriminatory and nonstereotypical media-centric streaming imagery. Unlike all of the other fashion magazines around the world that don’t, won’t, and haven’t done yet. Their flawed narrative pressed forward a continual paper feed of page-turning photos signaling a message for us to believe a fabricated reality.  

The old-world fashion narrative with creative imagery in fashion magazines depicted ‘glamazonian it gurls,’ on covers, editorials, and runways that defacto labeled them the ‘look of beauty and fashion.’ Oh, and by the way, you are NOT, but do play along anyway. And so sorry you paid for clothes that don’t fit you that snidely, mocked us into making BFF’s with an alterationist. All while knowing, that means we pay twice as much for clothing and they left us outside of the fashion elites world circle.

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Ann Lauren® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

The old guard of fashion designers and magazines projected a look for us to mimic in clothing designs made for women 5’9″ tall and taller. And btw didn’t you get the memo? Clothing only looks good on tall women, as if it were true!” blah, blah, blah.

Is any of this making sense to you? That’s a rhetorical question, lol! Nonetheless, it is in this false narrative, where I envisioned a paradigm shift. A Grid matrix system is replete with old and error codes that are modifiable. The glitches within the antiquated beauty and fashion matrix nurtured false perceptions that we can modify.

Together with millions of USA Petite© and Bella Petite© members worldwide united we are unstoppable!


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Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

The post-modern trendsetters of decades ago understood universal code.

That is why I chose never to believe, nor follow any industry status quos, because we don’t have to.

Please do file this knowledge within your evolutionary hard drive; “You may take heart by knowing that within life’s cyclical evolutions, there’s space for revolutionary change allowing us to alter and, or, create new codes which apply to all things in our universe.” 

Now you know the ‘why.”  Bella Petite’s ideology embraces all women of varying; heights, ages, body types, and ethnicities. Understandably, our central focus is on ladies 5’7″ and shorter because women both petite and middle heights do share a commonality.

For in the not-so-distant past, we didn’t have equal representation and exposure in the fashion and beauty industry.

Today, you have representation with Bella Petite’s vanguard multimedia complex. By our featuring of petite women on covers, editorials, catalogs, pageants, model searches, and live streaming campaigns that are metamorphosized on the virtual pages of Bella Petite Magazine. 

NEXT INSTALLMENT PART TWO: “Petite Women A New You Four Part Series In Review”

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Ann Lauren ® Bella Petite Magazine Copyright© 

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