PETITE FASHION TRENDS: Best and Worst of 2010 [petite fashion]

PETITE FASHION TRENDS: Best and Worst of 2010

As we reach the half way point of 2010, it’s natural for our minds to spring forward towards 2011’s seasonal trends.  We can’t help hoping that some of the big fashion trends witnessed to this point don’t make encore appearances.

There have been a number of popular fashion disasters over the last several years, beginning 2008 and leading well into 2010.  Believe it or not, jumpsuits, harem pants, leggings, and grungy, ripped tights continue to make their way onto the store racks and into our closets (where they should probably remain). The question on our minds in whether these trends will continue to plague the fashion scene?

When I ask my girlfriends or read the polls and fashion reports, the overwhelming response is that these looks are horrendously unappealing.  Normally these bad trends are singlehandedly conjured up by celebrities grappling for the paparazzi’s clicks and hoping we’ll all take notice… and do we!  You can always count on petite actress 5’4″ Lindsay Lohan to usher in some of the worst styles.  We can only hope she’s not paying a high-priced Hollywood “stylist” to craft her looks.


The best fashion trend to follow is your mirror.  It’s your best accessory.  The old fashioned mirror should always be used prior to walking out into a public place, and this is no JOKE!  I promise if you don’t use it, you likely will be a walking fashion disaster and find yourself participating in many of the season’s worst trends.


It is always difficult to settle on what constitutes the absolute worst fashion, as fashion is very much about how you wear it.  Your body type, height and weight are the mitigating factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing what pattern, style, latest trend or last season’s leftovers you want to be seen in.

Honestly, I haven’t seen many pedestrians (or celebrities) looking good in ripped tights, harem pants, jumpsuits, overalls, or wearing a pair of clogs. Petites: don’t do it!  You won’t get the best bang for your buck.


I will say many wonderful funky fun trends have hit the runways this year (minus the petite models), but this too will change with the times.  A few positive trends are in for the petite woman this year, including: vibrant floral motifs, animal prints, military chic, and ikat prints.

Though, I strongly advise not to mix and match any of these trends!

Key fashion accessories are chunky, twisted, crystals, beads, glass and acrylics with cooling effects.  Select items that frame your face, such as longer strand lengths are great.  Big chokers and clumpy styles are bad, and you don’t want to cut off your height.

Most of all remember that your mirror is your BEST friend in avoiding fashion’s WORST trends.


Bella Petite’s cover girl Angela Phillips and twelve petite models hit the runway in Vanessa Vinci designs.  This seasons hottest looks that will look great on you!  Written By: Ann Lauren



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12 thoughts on “PETITE FASHION TRENDS: Best and Worst of 2010 [petite fashion]”

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  2. I love that I can depend on a magazine finally taking on the petite gals issues! You totally scored on this post and are sooo right bout those dang harem pants and clogs yuck! That Lindsay Lohans gots some serious issues 😉 I too am a member forever got rid of my Elle subscription don't need it I got you guys! more please!

  3. I cried seeing those petite mama's walking the runway! My dreams are coming true because of Bella I finally feel at peace about being 5'3" I LOVE it now! This website is my fav fashion destination!

  4. Absolutely right about everything in this article. I like the fact that "body type, height, and weight" were mentioned as considering factors for choosing a latest fashion trend that fits us petite women. I think that it is important that we petite women pay close attention to this because there are some women who try to "rock" the latest trends, not realizing that the outift is not "rockin'" the individual wearing it. Being a petite woman, it isn't easy to look great in just anything. We have to alter something, whether it be our body weight or the clothing itself to fit us. So I agree with Ann…to make sure we look at ourselves in a full length mirror before we step out that door. Let's make sure we petite ladies represent ourselves well and show the world that we can look just as good as these amazon women in the hottest, latest trends!

  5. Ver true! A mirror is your best fashion accessory. I can't believe this website is happening for petites! Takin a stand and gettin' it done! kudos to Ann Lauren a petite woman with vision and style…Thank you for doing this for us!

  6. Thanks for spotting those awful trends I sometimes wonder how they happen…I guess it is the lack of mirrors! Love the Bella Petite fashion show video and can't wait to see you guys hit my state with a show!! Please come to Texas next!!!!

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  8. I agree with most of the fashion disasters mentioned above, with the exception of one. Jumpsuits, aka Katsuits, can look really great on a woman. I have a sexy denim one which is strapless, fitted and with a lower hip belting area, and flared ankle. It looks really hot! I even have some other styles which are backless, and a gorgeous royal purple one with a beaded halter type neckline. I’d love to see more women wearing them! 🙂

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