Petite Fashion and Modeling Myths

Myth 1

You have to be tall to be beautiful and a model.

Reality:   Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. When designer Marc Jacob’s was asked about Kate Moss’s height, he replied, ” I guess perfection comes in all shapes and sizes.”  Jacob’s is unconcerned about models trending to be shorter in the fashion industry. Confirming that beautifully designed and properly fitted clothing looks great on the runway when modeled by Petites!

There are many petite actresses breaking down the age old stereo-type that you have to be tall to be beautiful.

Myth 2

Clothing looks better on a Tall Woman.

Reality: Clothing designers feel their clothes look better when draped on a tall woman’s frame, as they are considered clothing hangers, but designers should be sizing clothing to fit well and look great on a petite frame.  All they need to do is scale the clothing to fit properly.  Utilizing petite, fit models to accurately size proportions for a petite frame is the key!  You be the judge, check out the petite celebrities on the RED CARPET they look fantastic in their designer’s duds.

The myth is tall women look better. (BLOG article: Retailers support Future of Petites in the Fashion Industry)

Myth 3

Tall women look better in swimsuits and lingerie.

Reality: Petite women are better proportioned than tall, lanky models. Remember famous petite actress 5’4″ Raquel Welch and her perfect measurements (36-24-36)?!  Most swimsuit and lingerie models are petite.   It is funny that Victoria’s Secret won’t use petite models, considering their biggest consumers are petite women.  Go figure.  I guess they’ll continue promoting an unrealistic image until petites protest the exclusive use of tall models in their catalogues, or another competitor comes along and takes a bite out of their sales by promoting to the petite market.  Maybe then they’ll take notice.

Myth 4

Majority of women are tall in the US and abroad.

Reality: In the United States approximately 70% of all women are 5’5″ tall and under.  There are approximately hundred million petite and petite plus size women in US.  In the international marketplace there are over six hundred million petite women.

Interesting statistic: Women 5’9″ tall and over only represent 3% of US females.  Translation:  designers missed their mark! (“What is Petite” )


Myth 5

Petite means “tiny” in the fashion industry.

Reality: Petite means “short” not “tiny” in the fasion industry.  Petite references stature encompassing the height range of 5’5″ and under, including petite-fit and petite-plus-sizes in the fashion world. If you’re confused, you’re not alone.  Many clothing manufacturers and retailers don’t sell petite clothing.  In addition to petite consumers confusion they use petite designations like “small” and “extra small.”  Savvy garment designers, manufacturers and retailers reserve the term “petite” for clothing that’s specifically made to fit a petite frame.


  1. I LOVE MARC JACOBS, this just deepens that love. hahaha, but seriously he is amazing, I love all his clothes, I got one of his bags as a christmas gift and it is possibly the most beatiful thing EVER. And Finally someone says something the same bust measurement and waist measurement! My friends all tease me abut this, they think its proof I'm Flat and that its embarrasing! Lies! (not that I'm very busty but thats not the point). Loved this.

  2. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  3. Uhm Raquel Welch was 5’6, not 5’3. Nice article, but that error is pretty bad and doesn’t help your cause much when it turns out that she’s actually a whole 3in taller.

    1. Hi Abbey, we have an inside entertainment source who is friends with Racquel Welch. He is a prominent director/producer who has worked with her as well, and he verified her height for us.

      Second news source: “Raquel’s not nearly as short as I expected her to be, either – she was about my height, 5’4” but my fiancé said she was wearing pretty tall heels, so she very well could be significantly shorter when wearing flats.” See

      As we know celebrities, models and musicians, as well as agents tend to exaggerate their true height. In Hollywood, this is a common practice referred to as the “2-inch rule.” Also don’t forget that celebrities like Welch wear heals that ar 4 to 6 inches high.

      Thanks for reading our magazine. Have a good day!

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