Summer Petite Fashion Do’s and Don’ts [petite women] [petite clothing]

TOP 10 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for the Petite Woman


1. Be ready to hit the beach in low rise cut string bikini!

2. Four inch platform, cork, wood sandals, wedges and a flat sandals are in!

3. Laser-cut-dresses continue through Summer. (See our article on Spring Petite Fashion!)

4. Lively Summer patterns and styles for you!

5. 70’s Bohemian Chic is oh-so-natural!



The trends have branched out from tribal, minimalist, to futuristic and militaristic.


Math has never been my favorite subject, but all the geometric shapes and stripe patterns have definitely made geometry a style priority, and that includes some snake and animal  prints.  Fun fruit and flower tiny patterns are remaining in style this season and are great for petites!  Stay away from large prints and large vertical stripes.  They will cut down your height and make you look wider than you are.


This is the season of trends for you with pajamas made for daily outerwear.  However, maybe as a petite we should wear a slip dress or a tiny nightie.  The old-fashioned pajama look is frumpy.  Again, you know what we say about trends!


The 70’s are back and making a statement, we can not get enough of the 80’s leggings but we are making room for wider pants through spring and summer.  Again proceed with caution!


Shoes are always a favorite trend!  This season is 70’s style with the Spice Girls-inspired sky-look platforms.  Continuing from Spring with neutral and natural tones being the predominate influence.  Look for platforms with wood and cork heels.  Carefully integrate a simple sandal with a slight lift in the heel if possible into your wardrobe.  A completely flat sandal is really not a flattering look for most women, but if you are on the beach go with it!


Whether it is before or after labor day, white is making an impact. Naturals, earthy soothing tones and color blocking is back!  Key pieces, colors, fabrics, styles are this seasons inspiration.


Lace whether is day or night always looks good.  We highly recommend that you have a lace dress or blouse in your closet!


Jumpers, rompers and 70’s bohemian chic maxi-dress. Be careful on participating in trends they don’t necessarily look good on you.  This summers fashion rage seems to be a cover up.  Many of this seasons style are not petite friendly, for instance the maxi-dress is cute, but we don’t see designers scaling them properly for petite figures.  They tend to be too long and unflattering to our figure.

Essentially, if you find any of these trendy styles that are made expressly for a petites, it can be really cute on you!


Ethnic inspired jewelry is popular this season.  From Native American earrings to tribal inspired handbags and chunky Latin beads to handcrafted sterling silver jewellery from Zambia and other parts of the world, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver Bracelets.

10. Number ONE Summer Petite Fashion GET!

This seasons Asian influence from China and Japan bring a little exotic touch to Summer fashion!

A great dress to get this is season styled with kimono sleeves, mao collars and Chinese buttons. You have a wonderful range of bold colors, flower prints, dragons patterns, in a sumptuous silk or satin fabric to choose from.


1. 80’s mushroom/bubble skirts and no on harem pants!   Recently, JLo wore the harem pant on American Idol for her performance of her latest release and the harem made her look short, squatty and out of shape.  Completely distorting her great figure!

Another words don’t fall prey to seasonal trends!  It seems we see this one every year and over time it never gets better.

2. Shoes over four inches tend to make petites look shorter. Our calf is to small to carry the heel. All the focus in on your shoes, not you, and you wobble when you walk.  Unfortunately, we predict that many petites will be wearing this shoe…

3. Stay away from unflattering wider cut pants, most high-waist pants and the parachute style don’t always look good!

4. Skirts and dresses shorter than three inches above your knee are generally too short for petite women.  Also, keep in mind that tighter doesn’t mean better!  Often the short and tight combination gives the illusion of wider and shorter.  A look that most women don’t want to achieve.

5. Definitely, “NO” on thigh-high boots.  Petites don’t really have the legs for it.  Talk about looking silly and short on style… Kim Kardashian tops our list of fashion don’ts!

Written by: Ann Lauren

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10 thoughts on “Summer Petite Fashion Do’s and Don’ts [petite women] [petite clothing]”

  1. This good we have these fashion tips that never any other magazine do for us shorties 😉 You are best ever!

  2. Nice of you to take the time to give us fashion direction for us petite ladies! Good good yall do a fine job!

  3. I find it confusing to shop for me being that I am like 5’0 and so many of these styles don’t look so good on. It is good you have done this!!! You are very nice to us petites gurls!!

  4. Thank you so much I have been so happy with everything bellapetite is doing! Very awesome to read fashion advice geared towards our fashion issues!!! 🙂

  5. This is very offensive article!!!! thats like sayin tall women shouldnt wear heels when runway models are all walking in heels! the majoirty of women in the world are below 5’8″, and they look fabulous with thigh highs and other footwear! I find it hypocritical that thigh higs to you are bad but wearing 70’s clunky heels are ok? kim kardashian and others like hilarie duff,salma hayek etc all wear thigh high boots and look amazing in them!

    1. What is wrong with you to say this article is offensive!!!? In no way is this offending to women this is very helpful and never feel like bella is trying to offend petite women they have done nothing but lift us up!!!! ya know you can disagree and try and be the least be respectful that these ladies are being very good for petites women!! What have you ever done to be helpful for petites?

  6. Thanks for this super helpful advice you have been very encouraging for me about being petite woman more proud than ever! Keep it coming 🙂

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