PETITE CHANGE – Limb Lengthening For the Worse, Not Better! [petite women][petite models]

The Need, and the Need-Nots

It is true that limb lengthening (LLD) surgery is actually an amazing procedure and equates to a small miracle for some (like, people with leg inequality, bone deformities or for patients who have suffered from extreme accidents resulting in bone loss and damage ) – But NOT for “petite” women who have been brainwashed by visions of “ugly-pretty” Amazon women in fashion magazines, whose legs make up most of their bodies andwhose airbrushed image comes across as the crème de la crème of what “beauty is.”

Don’t we have enough to worry about with our economy in the toilet, states bankrupting, Pinhead Politicians, and healthcare rights being ripped from our bosoms? Why add continuing height discrimination to that list and our already hectic lives? Why not just settle into the fact that petite women make up the majority of the female population and ban together to form a more perfect union? Sounds simple, right? But clearly, it’s NOT! The whole height discrimination, “petite-equals-less…tall-equals-more” perception is on the rise, with drasticmeasures being taken to new heights, new depths and new lengths!

The Extreme Dream

Petites, men and woman, are killing their soles (and their souls) just to be taller, wearing 5 inch heels and platform shoes. They’ve innocently risked looking ridiculous (when they have no clue what they’re doing in the first place, or know how to fashionably wear something), listening to the fashion expert’s who suggests to petite-America to wear patterns and prints, like vertical stripes to make them appear taller (Pfft…we won’t even get into the “mythology” of “standardized sizing”…for now), and salon stylists lifting and spraying their hair to add an inch or two. But nothing is ever good enough, is it? For years now, some petite women are even injecting themselves (and their kids) several times a day with the expensive Human Growth Hormone (HGH); and now, opting for the extreme “dream,” through surgery.

Is 2-3 Inches Really Worth It?

The whole idea of petite women getting surgery to lengthen their legs just to be considered beautiful or more beautiful, or to be socially accepted…and to be fooled into the conception of the romanticized notion that TALL equals “beauty, success and happiness (especially when they will STILL be considered “petite” AFTER thesurgery) makes me sick to my stomach. Besides the usually risks associated with any type of surgery, wouldn’t the increased risk of infection, leading to possible amputation, be enough to sway your decision?

How about the possibility of partial paralysis, or the grueling post-surgery physical therapy that is required,and being wheelchair bond for the duration (possibly over a year’s worth since the new bone growth is so fragile and cannot support any kind of weight); or the fact that the new bone growth or stretched bone (which ever method chosen) won’t ever be as flexible, strong or have theendurance as the pre-surgery bone? I’ve read that many patients of this surgery never “regain full use of their legs” post-surgery. I mean come on, it’s not just a simple implant of a ball of saline or a “suck, suck” here and a “snip, snip” there – this is serious surgery, with serious complications!

Can you image a post-surgery life without swimsuit, shorts or skirts?  Such an invasive procedure is sure to leave the patient with scars and disproportionate features, which will surely leave a woman self conscious about exposing their newly gangling limbs.

We All Have a Vagina, Boobs and Brain

The whole credo behind the petite women’s fashion movement at Bella Petite is NOT to encourage intolerability of oneself, or height, nor is it to discriminate against the minority of women . Even if you are as tall as Uma Thurman or Brook Shields, who fall, categorically, by the way, in the 3% makeup of the US female population, who aren’t considered “petite;” but to embrace the uniqueness of oneself and cohabitate together.

All women should have equal opportunities in all aspects of life with an ethical standard and basic assumption that HEIGHT does not dictate the worth or success of a woman. Women are all created equal in the fact that we have a vagina, boobs and a BRAIN – just like RACE, height really shouldn’t play a deciding role.  Written by: Tana Corporon

Have Petite Legs, Will Travel “ideal body” PART ONE



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9 thoughts on “PETITE CHANGE – Limb Lengthening For the Worse, Not Better! [petite women][petite models]”

  1. I am perfect the way I am..and do not need to gain weight. Surely not to make them happy. I am an itty bitty thing for sure and I love it!! 🙂 Rock on petites!!

  2. I wouldn't change my height to save my life!! I love being tiny. Every guy I have ever met loves it too…;) Proud to be teensy…5'0 90 lbs.!!

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