Petite Celebrity: Sienna Miller In The News [petite model] [petite actress]

This week [petite celebrity] 5’3″ Sienna Miller (age 30) was out on the town in London.  It’s hard not to see Miller’s [petite model] good looks! She was discovered as a petite model before her career took off as [petite actress].  Shortly thereafter, as most [petite women] discover there’s not enough work to sustain a career solely as a petite model, so she successfully transitioned into acting. 

Last Monday, Miller was spotted leaving the Royal Theatre in London following a performance of Flare Path.  Last month the play held its official opening in the English capital.  Reportedly, Miller has been consistently attending the performances, since its opening. The production wraps up in early June.

Spring love is in the air, Miller has been seen spending her free time with her man squeeze Tom Sturridge, while in London.  Come this Summer, Sturridge will be leaving the UK to hit the road to promote his upcoming release “On The Road.”

Sienna Miller is best known for her roles in films; ” GI Joe,” “Stardust,” “Casanova,” and “Factory Girl.  Her upcoming film releases are “Hippie Hippie Shake,” and “New Year’s Eve.”  Miller made big headlines when she snubbed her nose at an offer from Daniel Craig to be a bond girl.  Not sure that was a smart career move!

It is always disappointing to read about the great lengths petite actresses go to in an effort to hide the truth about their height. Petite Celebrity Quote: UK Actress from Alfie. A weak 5ft 5 is possible, in Sienna herself claims: “I’m five foot six!” Info: Celeb Heights  Our sources report Sienna Miller to be 5’3″ and we have plenty of picture proof!

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