Petite Celebrity Prince and Wanna-be Kim Kardashian Dance Off [petite celebrities] [petite modeling]

Unbelievable! So-called petite “celebrity” or more aptly, reality character, Kim Kardashian towered over Prince on stage Monday night (Feb 7th) at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Apparently, that is all she did when Prince brought her on stage to dance.

In true Prince fashion he kicked her off the stage for not performing.  I guess she is more comfortable performing naked on video…  One thing is for certain Kardashian readily admits she has no real talent and she is just a good marketer.

Funny enough, a YouTube video was posted showing Prince dancing and having a good time with another audience member as Kim Kardashian was pulled out of the front row to dance.  She clapped, but this girl just couldn’t bust-a-move and within seconds Prince yelled at her “Get off the stage!”

Prince, age 52, being a gentlemen later in the show gave Kardashian a second chance to show off that booty with some real dance moves.  Kardashian’s excuse? “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me,” she wrote on Twitter. “Went up on stage AGAIN! This time I redeemed myself!  We all danced while Prince played the piano! Wow! What a night!”

Singer Cee-Lo Green accompanied Prince later in the concert turning Prince’s Gnarls Barkley hit “Crazy” into a duet!

Written by: Ann Lauren

Quote by Kim Kardashian: US Celebrity. Commenter below said her official myspace had 5-3 as her height although she said “I’m only 5-foot-2.”


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2 thoughts on “Petite Celebrity Prince and Wanna-be Kim Kardashian Dance Off [petite celebrities] [petite modeling]”

  1. You have to give it to Prince, he knows talent when he sees it and when there is no talent he sees it. Lets face it Kim has no talent just a name.

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