Petite Celebrity Nia Peeples on the Bella Petite Hour

The Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) is pleased to present special guest petite celebrity, actress and musician Nia Peeples!  Nia Peeples has enjoyed a diverse and successful career in the entertainment business which spans over thirty years.  She is 5’2” and will share with Bella Petite her firsthand experience with all aspects of height discrimination and height exaggeration in the entertainment and modeling world.  Growing up under the pressure of being perfect, she knows what it’s like not to feel comfortable with your height and self image as a woman in entertainment.  In fact, Nia chuckled when we talked about the entertainment industry and the reasons celebrities exaggerate about their height, as she too felt compelled to do so throughout her career.


Nia Peeples is of Scottish/Filipino descent and was born in Hollywood, California.  As luck would have it, she didn’t have to travel to far in order to reach the epicenter of entertainment.  At the ripe old age of eight years old she began performing, singing and dancing in a variety of different community groups and cultural events.

Peeples later obtained a music scholarship to attend UCLA, though while in college she performed in Las Vegas as Liberace’s opening act.  As a rising starlet she was unable to complete her studies at UCLA, and instead she took on three jobs to afford acting lessons, studied singing with Gloria Rush and learned Sanford Meisner acting techniques at Playhouse West.  The hard work and natural talent soon converged and it wasn’t long before Nia found success in show business.


Peeples attended a rehearsal and was discovered by producers of the play “Music Shop,” who immediately cast her.  This ultimately led to a three-year role in the hit series “Fame,” for which Nia appropriately garnered personal fame playing aspiring artist Nicole Chapman.  Since Fame, Nia has appeared in numerous television programs such as Hardcastle and McCormick, Tj Hooker, Nasty Boys and Walker Texas Ranger. Nia also enjoyed a successful run as a daytime star with a regular role on “The Young and The Restless” from 2007-2009.


Currently, Nia operates and headlines her own seminar series, “Elements of Life,” a program meant to teach women how to live a life of full perfection.  She tells me that after twenty-five years striving for “perfect,” she’s figured out what it really means and is eager to spread this message to women around the world.   Nia has been involved in many charities throughout her career and is dedicated to being a positive influence and inspirational motivator.

Nia has proven herself as a multitalented artist throughout a successful career that has included singing, dancing, acting, producing, directing and writing.  Her resume is a mile long. She is a true performing artist extraordinaire and petite inspiration.  Nia Peebles is certainly further proof that dynamite comes in petite packages!

Bella Petite Hour

Nia Peeples on the Bella Petite Hour.   Find out what it’s like to break into the entertainment business and enjoy such a long, successful career in many aspects of show business.  Also, Nia will share with us the details of her latest projects and what important contributions she is making for women and teens.  There will be so much to talk about with Nia!  If you have any comments or questions, you may leave them here on Bella Petite and we will discuss them on the show.

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12 thoughts on “Petite Celebrity Nia Peeples on the Bella Petite Hour”

  1. What a talent! It's amazing to see you have been in entertainment so long. Wow you must have seen it all! Did you ever want to be a model?

  2. What was it like to be 5'2 and be able to be a dancer on a popular tv series? Don't you have to be tall to dance professsionally?

  3. This is so awesome what you are doing Ann! You are making the petite world happen! Thanks for having good shows for us to listen too. I am a member and telling every petite girl I can!

  4. Who are your favorite petite celebrities and singers? What's your favorite tv show you were on? Who's you favorite male celebrity? Why did you want to be in entertainment?

  5. You are really pretty and make me be happy to be filipino! Is hard to become a actress when you are filipino? Did you like the big hair in the 80's?

  6. Would you reccommend i put my daughter in acting? Is it good for kids to start out young? I grew up watching you this is great to hear you are on this show! I loved FAME!

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