Petite Celebrity Jessica Simpson on LOVE, Weight and Insecurities [petite actress] [petite model]

Petite Celebrity 5’3″ Jessica Simpson is still taking a beating in the press for her yo-yo weight gain and highly publicized romances.  In spite of this, Simpson seems to be focusing on the things that are most important in her life.

“There’s no way you’re not going to be affected by the ugly things people say about you,” Simpson told USA Today at the Women’s Conference in Long Beach, Calif., Monday.  Obviously, this prevailing onslaught of attacks is a driving her motivation for the “Price of Beauty” reality series.

“It’s very hurtful. It definitely brings up a lot of your own insecurities.” tellingPeople magazine reporter.  But Simpson, who says she’s “the happiest I’ve ever been,” is focused on the positive people in her life, rather then the ones who only want to bring her down. “It takes a great family and wonderful friends – and love definitely helps, too – to get through it,” she says.

This last July Jessica Simpson hit the big “30”!  In Hollywood that’s a definite no-no for us ladies.  Simpson offered an authentically refreshing outlook about turning thirty years old and with age certainly comes confidence.  Simpson says she’s at the perfect place in her life. “I love being 30, the moment I turned 30, I really did feel a switch in my life … I had this coming of age moment … I love the woman inside of me.”

The pop star singer has been struck by cupids arrow much like Reese Witherspoon and her latest beau Jim Toth. Simpson has been extremely vocal and seems head-over-heels for her NFL tight-end manzon boyfriend Eric Johnson, and she  continues to sing his praises saying that he “brings out a lot of light in me.”

“He definitely makes me happy and makes me very comfortable being who I am,” she says. “It’s nice to be with somebody who praises you for all the right reasons.” So, are wedding bells in the works for Simpson and Johnson? Not yet, says the singer, but “[I] definitely dreamed of being married my whole life and having children, so hopefully that’s in my future.”  Written by: Ann Lauren

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1 thought on “Petite Celebrity Jessica Simpson on LOVE, Weight and Insecurities [petite actress] [petite model]”

  1. I think she is a great sister, well at least what I read of her, no one really knows public personas, it is mostly that a persona. However, she seems to be more “real” than most. It was news to me that she is a petite, but not surprising as we most are!!! I do believe the attacks against her have been cruel in the past, and just go to prove over and over again, what “America” defines as beauty, when they attack a curvacious beauty. Anorexia is not a good look for anyone, period, and the images shown in high fashion are imbedded in the young girls minds of today. I think there has been some progress in this area, however not enough, not much and we for sure aren’t there yet. Jessica Simpson looks like a real person, and a gorgeous one…more power to her, saw a few episodes of her show. I did think it was very interesting and she seemed to have a lot more wits about her, than what you would think if you believed all the “hype” in mainstream media. The microscopism of celebrity-ism she seems to be handling just fine.

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