Petite Celebrity Gossip: Lindsay Lohan To Do Saturday Night Live

Today (Feb 22, Wednesday) Lindsay Lohan received high praise in court from the judge who said the actress was one court hearing away from putting a long-running drunken driving case behind her. “Ms. Lohan, you’re in the home stretch,” Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told the actress. “The probation officer is pleased with your progress.”

Just in a knick of time since Lindsay Lohan begged Lorne Michaels to kickstart her comeback by allowing her to  host “Saturday Night Live” again we have learned Reportedly Lindsay says she has always felt the “SNL” executive producer has been very fatherly towards her throughout the years.  Furthermore Lohan has “always enjoyed doing the show, but was waiting for the right time to do it again.”

Now that her community service is ending, sources say Lindsay called up Lorne and asked him to consider her for the show again.  Apparently there has been multiple conversations and eventually settled on a date  and that is March 3.

We only wonder if this time Lohan can stay off the booze and drugs long enough to revive her faltering career.  For now, Lindsay feels doing “SNL” again will remind people she’s an actress not a defendant.

Hmm, we’ll see and hope for the best for the once promising star. One thing we’ve noted is the improvement with her wardrobe, thumbs up!  The 5’4″ Lohan looks fabulously petite!

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2 thoughts on “Petite Celebrity Gossip: Lindsay Lohan To Do Saturday Night Live”

  1. Lindsay Lohan doesn’t look petite to me even if she is 5’6…..her legs are long making her look taller 😀

    1. You’ll find that most ladies 5’3″-5’5″ don’t look petite in their four inch plus heels. They are on the taller side of petite. The 5’4″ Lindsay like most celebs that are petite don’t want to talk about their true height in fact they are ambiguous never offering a real answer to the question. In entertainment and modeling everybody uses the “two inch rule,” so they are always shorter than they say, lol 🙂

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