Petite Celebrity DIVA: “GAGA” Over “Gaga!”

“GAGA” Over “Gaga!”

What does “Obama, Facebook, a murder scene and the word, Jerk,” have in common? No, it’s not a riddle… or a joke – it’s breaking news over the petite, shock-pop-performer, “Lady Gaga!”

Those of you who have read my past article about Lady Gaga, know that I am a fan of hers; not claiming I know her as a person, or would like her as a “person”…only as a performer (as most do). I don’t judge her crazy, entrancing, sometimes menacing performances – I embrace them as an artistic expression, and her, as (finally) an “out-of-the-box,” authentic, mind-provoking, sometimes “mind-blowing,” entertainer (which we haven’t had, in my opinion, since the petite pop-princess herself, Madonna!) I understand that “enquiring minds want to know,” but don’t you think the press is going a little “Gaga” over “Gaga?”

JUNE 2, 2010: Lady Gaga’s Fans Gagged Over “Murder-Scene” Gimmick! Hmm, (again) really? How can anyone (who paid, who chose, who drove, who waited in line, who danced around and tapped their fingers in-tuned to lyrics, and who didn’t have a gun pointed to their head) be aghast, irritated or feel “sick” at anything Lady Gaga does in her concerts or in her performances?

Did these people actually think the petite antagonist was going to “tone” things down from her performance on the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards show? I don’t think so – they don’t call it “The Monster Ball Tour” for nothing! I’m surprised the fame-seeker only faked her death and didn’t do something worse, like, “biting the head off of a bat, or having sex on stage!” Sound familiar?

This ill-timed performance came on the heels of a devastating shooting spree that killed 12 people in Cumbria, happening only hours earlier before her concert. Evidently, fans at the show felt that Lady Gaga should have cut that part out, or changed it a bit since it was still very fresh on the minds of the English people.

A mother of a “14-year old,” who had taken her CHILD to see the petite, dynamic, “she-devil,” was outraged by the horrific scene of GAGA simulating her own death on stage and said she was “sickened” by the whole thing. “She [Lady Gaga] really crossed the line this time…It was extremely tasteless to see her pretend to be attacked in such a gory way, especially in front of young children,”

The concerned Mum added. Um, excuse me – but did you forget who you were going to see? And, maybe we should be asking you, “Why would you bring your 14-yr old to see a performer known to do very dark and risqué acts, in the first place? Gaga’s act, is her act…it would have been the same regardless of what had happened.

It truly baffles me when I hear people (like the above aforementioned mum) who know exactly what they’re getting themselves into (by going to a Lady Gaga event) and are fine with it, but, when it shocks the panties right off their bums, and they realized they shouldn’t have brought their “child” to such an event in the first place, they suddenly act like they were supposed to see “Mother Theresa (who was also a petite at 4’10”) playing the harp or something” – so annoying!

With all due respect to what had happened in Cumbria earlier, why should Gaga change her act or compromise her artistic layout (one she’s probably rehearsed a million times before the show)? Maybe she didn’t even know about the murders…who knows?

The point is, fans know what she’s capable of, and know she is all about the shock-value when it comes to performing.

When I looked into Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour earlier this year for my daughter’s birthday, the synopsis of her show explained that she would be faking her own death. There was really no “surprise” here.

June 10, 2010: Jerry Seinfeld Gawked over Gaga’s “Bird” sent toPaparazzo while at a Met’s Game! Perched high above in a “luxury box” at the Met’s game, Lady Gaga’s “birdies” [her middle fingers] popped up as she dropped some severe “birdie-doo-doo” atop the Paparazzo and fans, after realizing her VIP “front row seats,” (right behind home plate, where she was supposed to be sitting) were right next to the photographers. The miffed-petite got into a pointing match, yelled more profanities and, ironically, refused to sit next to the “muse” that created her hit song; Gaga stormed off into the lower concourse deck.

Gaga, all of a sudden was spotted during the seventh inning, sitting up in a luxury suite, wearing only a metal-riveted bra and panties. Security, hoping to divert the impending battle between the pop and the Pap, unknowingly placed her and her entourage in Jerry Seinfeld’s Luxury Box. Seinfeld later scolded the Citi Field staff for allowing the foul-mouth-petite access to his box – Good thing it was empty!

During a New York Radio show, Seinfeld spouted-off about Gaga’s eccentric behavior, calling her a “Jerk,” and saying, “I hate her!” Seinfeld continued to gripe about Gaga, sniping, “I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for…you give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now?” Later onduring the radio show, after being informed that the explosive petite singer made a stir and was given access to the New York Yankee’s Clubhouse last Friday Night, Seinfeld “gagged” a little himself, choking out, “Oh please…wake me when it’s over!”

Jerry’s last words of advice to Lady Gaga, were – “Get an act!” Evidently she has one, Jerry – commanding $10.5 Million per show!

June 25, 2010: CNN, CBS and Fox News Reported that Obama, and OH- Gaga, Are in a Race to be the First Person toReach 10 million “FANS” on Facebook. Wow, really?!Hmm, “Obama and FANS”…now that’s an interesting concept – as my good friend, the Nutty Italian would say, “I’m just sayin’.” But that’s beside the point – who, really CARES? I guess we all know who’s going to win this race.


OBAMA: 9,126,438 FANS

LADY GAGA: 9,170,156 FANS (make that – 9,170,157!)  Boy, this speaks volumes…scary!!!

Written by: Tana Corporon


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