Petite Celebrities and TOP 10 BARE-BIKINI FACTS


Did You Know…?

1. The World’s largest “Bikini Parade” was set in Las Vegas, Nevada in May of ’09! Leading the 281 bikini-clad-sexy-babes was Hugh Hefner’s, Playboy…playgirl, ex-petite “Girls Next Door” star, Holly Madison (5’3”) the front and center blonde presenting the commemorative plaque.

The event was to commemorate  the 50th Anniversary of the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign!

However, the record was defeated by 287 women in South Africa, marching 1,690 meters for Breast Cancer Awareness. I’m assuming the parade was made up of mostly petite ladies since South Africa’s average height of a woman is, “5’2””. Petites ROCK…or “march,” in this case!


2. The world’s most expensive “Bikini” costs only $30-Million dollars? Talk about bling! Susan Rosen (who has designed jewelry for some of our most popular-petites, such as: Madonna (5’3”), Liza Minnelli (5’4”), Avril Lavigne (5’1”) and petite-pop-singer 5’3” Britney Spears), along with “Steinmets Diamonds,” created this bikini intended by Sports Illustrated, and to be worn by cover model “Molly Sims” in the 2006 Swimsuit Edition. Set completely in platinum, this itsy-bitsy-bikini held 150 carats of flawless “D’s!” No, not the boobs…the quality of the “Diamonds!”


3. The “Thong” bikini was invented by the “Monokini” mogul, Rudi Gernreich, in 1974? The “thong” is actually bigger than a “G-String,” with a ½” to 1” strip of floss…er, I mean, fabric down the crack of the buttocks!

The U.S. was slow to catch on to the crème de la crème-string bikini (which, in its defense, had “tanning” benefits), but, as always, when it comes to being sexy and free, the petite Brazilians (average female height, 5’2”) got down and dirty, and showed the American’s how it was done!


4. “That, thong…thong, thong, thong, thong,” “Thong Song” by “Sisqó” in 2000, boosted sales of the itty-bitty-bikini and revitalized the skimpy garb in the swimwear industry? The song won “Best Hip-Hop Video” at the MTV Video Music Awards, and six different “artist” awards from the Billboard Music Awards in 2000. However, the “Thong Song” and Sisqó fell short at the Grammy’s, and he didn’t walk away with any of the petite, golden Gramophones of the four categories he was nominated in.

5. In Melbourne, Florida, wearing a “Thong” will cost you a $500 fine, and/or 60 days in jail? Yep! As of January 2005, the G-String, Thong, or “fio dental” (meaning – dental floss), became illegal to wear on the beaches of Florida – Cheeky Cops say, “Cover those cheeks!”

6. Wearing a “thong” can lead to recurrent vaginal infections (I know…gross!) and inflame the skin leading it to cause “Thrush,” (what the hell?).   Physicians say, “Keep your vagina and rectum clean, as to not spread bacteria!” DUH! Did he think women didn’t know that already?

PETITE WOMEN IN BIKINI’S  “Guinness World Records”


7. Another spectacular, petite-production took place involving “Bikini’s?” According to “Guinness World Records,” the world’s largest “Bikini photo-shoot” took place in 2007, in Sydney, Australia. 1,010 women (average height of Australian women is 5’4”), taking out the previous record of only 300, took off to “Bondi Beach” to have a day of fun, sun, and photographs! This event was coordinated by Cosmopolitan and Venus-Breeze to celebrate “30 Days of Fashion and Beauty.”


8. Petite sex-kitten icon, 5’3″ Marilyn Monroe, last wore a “bikini” on the big-screen in the 1962 film, “Something’s Got to Give?” Yeah, I know what’s gotta “give,” – the fashion and modeling industry’s discrimination towards “petite models!”


9. Tiny “petite” actress, Carrie Fisher (5’1”), wore two completely different forms of her famous “metallic bikini” during her role as “Princess Leia?” in the blockbuster hit, “Star Wars – Return of the Jedi,” Fisher wore a metal bikini, consisting in part of a brass brassiere and brass G-string.

Instantly, her very petite metal “miracle-bra” (and panties) became a cult sex-symbol, and her scenes were voted by “Empire Magazine” as one of the most “memorable” in movie history. What many of you might not know is that the petite, iconic slave-girl wore a rubber duplicate of the swimsuit during stunts, or slow and short scenes.


10. Inventor and 1946 fashion designer, “Louis Réard,” could not convince any model to wear his new creation, the “bikini?” It was considered, (back then), so small that women of all walks of life wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. However, Réard’s arduous search finally ended when he found “Micheline Bernardini, a petite, nude dancer from the Casino de Paris.

The Bikini made a huge splash (I know, such a cliché!), during its debut, causing more than 50,000 fan letters to hit Bernardini! July 5th of 1946, marks a special day for Louis Réard…and for all of the men in America!

Written by: Tana Corporon


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  3. Ahem. Takes some major confidence to step out in any of those suits. My kids would faint dead over if they saw me in a thong. I can hear "ewwww gross" thru my mind now! Now with my husband on some beach far far away thats another story….Very coolio article Tana!!! And the SI suit? My husband might start searching ebay…that was hottt!

  4. Bikinis are fun! Love to where them and drive the boyz wild! great post! I will never look at the bikini the same way ever what a history!

  5. The bikinis is an essential part of fashion! woohoo who would have known this stuff it wasn’t for this website!

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