Personal Branding Tips For Getting Or Keeping The Career You Want


In an arena where companies now have their choice of personnel, having a personal brand – especially one that meshes with the branding message of a company, can make all the difference about who gets hired, promoted or fired.

Former marketing executive, Jacqueline Peros, developed an easy tip list for clients at her New York – based company JMP Image & Style Group, LLC, where she helps career minded professionals re-invent themselves by discovering their own personal brand. A certified image consultant and recently certified ¹Reach Personal Branding Strategist, can help anyone move into or up in an organization. She ascertains that if you use marketing techniques – just like the big boys – and package yourself to appeal to the targeted company, career success is certain.

When companies are re-structuring and re-thinking the corporate landscape, it opens the door for the intrepid to stake a claim or find a niche where they can be productive. First, they have to prove they have the goods. That includes dressing, acting and behaving like they fit into the company’s structure – creating a personal brand to fit the company and the position you want”

¹The Reach 1-2-3 Success!™ personal branding process was developed by William Arruda and has been proven with thousands of executives and entrepreneurs around the world. Comprised of three steps, Extract, Express and Exude, it’s a structured methodology for building, communicating and nurturing your personal brand.


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