Paramore: off the Charts! Brand New Eyes Album Released



By: Ann Lauren

Hayley Williams, the petite lead singer of Paramore, rocks the music world!   We love the tiny 5’1″ Hayley, and she’s redefining cool!   This 20 year old punk rock dynamo is bound to top the charts for years to come.   Singer and songwriter Hayley was born in Mississippi and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee, where she originally met her band mates Josh and Zac Farro in school. Well school’s out and there’s no doubt this group is well on its to rock stardom!

The band was officially created in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004, with Hayley Williams as lead singer alongside Josh Farro on guitar, Jeremy Davis on bass guitar, and Zac Farro on drums. Prior to forming Paramore, the guys in the band were “edgy about the whole female thing” of having Williams as singer, but as they were good friends she began writing with them and eventually became a member. I think they made the right decision to have a female lead! In June 2009, the band welcomed Taylor York on rhythm guitar.  The band has previously released two studio albums, All We Know Is Falling and Riot, as well as two live albums. Their third album, Brand New Eyes was released today, on September 29, 2009.

Hayley Williams also won awards as the “Sexiest Female” on the Kerrang Readers’ Poll 2008 and Shockwaves NME Awards 2009!  This petite Rockstar appears to have it all!  We’ll keep listening, watching, and supporting Hayley here at Bella Petite.


3 thoughts on “Paramore: off the Charts! Brand New Eyes Album Released”

  1. I love Hayley Williams its really great she so petite and cool! Can't stop listening to Brand New Eyes! More please.

    1. That’s the attitude we like at Bella Petite! We promise to make you proud to be petite. The magazine will rock the fashion and entertainment world we guarantee it!

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