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Fashion month continues on The Bella Petite Hour this week with Ann Lauren hosting the owner of TLé Designs, exclusively PETITE Fashion Designer TLé;.  Teresa Le aka TLé her signature nickname since childhood, decided to brand her clothing line with three bold letters TLé proving in her words, “to make a statement to the world that even though you’re petite, your presence can make you 10 feet tall.   It’s true…Big things do come in small packages!” That’s a motto to live and work by in a petite world! Fashion designer TLé will be a special guest on The Bella Petite Hour next Tuesday, November 24th at 10:00 am PST, LIVE on

FASHION DESIGNER TLé aka Teresa LeTLé Designs

TLé after receiving her MBA in International Business  made an informed business decision to merge her college education, with her natural abilities in sewing clothing and brilliant design eye to creating a trendy, hip stylin,contemporary looking, true-to-fit PETITE clothing line a la TLé Designs.  Again, we have another designer, which understands the petite female consumer market in the U.S who’s striving to fulfill the demands in the marketplace.

TLé explains, ” I created my clothing line out of my own frustration at not being able to find stylish and trendy clothes to fit my petite 4’11” frame,” thank goodness she did just that!  TLé is focused in the right direction, she shares “I hope that my petite designs will not only alleviate that same frustration for other women, but also inspire them to explore a new style.”

Like many fashion designers TLé has no formal training.  All of her sewing is done free-style, rather than using patterns. She smiles and says, ” patterns were always too confusing and structured for me to follow.” She’s a true non-conformist she explains, “fashion should be fun, modern, and most importantly fitting!”  It seems when one is doing what they are truly passionate about in life you combine shades of brilliance, natural insight and hard work converging with success.

TLé is located in Chattanooga, TN and launched her clothing line in 2007.   She’s a offers petites a true Couture linegroovy_india_long-65, meaning all of her items are hand-made, available in limited order, giving you a truly unique and chic pieces.  Her line at this time features only tops and dresses in a vibrant array of colors and styles.  TLé also offers fun accessories such as headbands and belts to compliment her great pieces for every fashion forward wardrobe. Her line is not available online, but can be purchased at select boutiques in Chattanooga, TN and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Atlanta, GA. For more information visit


Tune in and listen to Ann Lauren and TLé on the Bella Petite Hour internet radio show.  The leading web radio show for petite fashion, entertainment and lifestyle.  Ann will be discussing TLé’s expertise, experiences in the fashion industry, the hard fashion facts, future plans for expansion of her line and all the fascinating insights of being in the fashion world! If you have comments or questions for TLé leave them here and we’ll be sure to share them with TLé on the show.  We’re looking forward to seeing more on TLé designs.  Coming soon Bella Petite will do a comprehensive fashion review on TLé Designs PETITE COUTURE collection and feature her designs in a innovative hip fashion spread.

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  1. TLé's designs are wonderful. My close friend is dying to get her hands on a couple of her designs, I am also thinking about splurging a pun intended
    thanks for this feature on TLé

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