Fashion month continues on The Bella Petite Hour this week with Ann Lauren hosting the founder and lead designer of Sweet Petites Apparel, Elizabeth Dutra.  Petite ladies have never looked so good working out than in Sweet Petites active wear, and the Sweet Petites casual wear line offers an innovative fresh look and fit that is right on target!  The founder Elizabeth Dutra of Sweet Petites will be a special guest on The Bella Petite Hour next Tuesday, November 17th at 10:00 am PST, LIVE on AmericasWebRadio.com.


As a  5’1″ petite woman and exercise junkie, Elizabeth Dutra  quickly discovered  there was literally nothing available specifically for petites in the active and casual wear clothing industry.  Recognizing this gap in the industry, and with the vision to fill the void in the market, Dutra opted to develop her own line.  Elizabeth knew that starting a clothing business was no easy task, but she clearly understands how to overcome tough challenges.  “I had a hip disease when I was young,” she said.  “At 10-years-old, doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to walk – that I’d be in a wheelchair by age 40.”  Spending most of her childhood wearing leg braces, Elizabeth “couldn’t run or get on a bike or even walk,” so when the leg braces came off she was instructed by doctors to do yoga, low impact aerobics, massage and acupuncture.  She sweet petites accessoriessoon became a woman with a mission to maintain her health and fitness routine by working out practically everyday and embracing healthy eating habits.  “When you’re told you can’t do something and then you have the ability to come back and be active, you know how much of a gift and how precious it is to be able to walk everyday.”

Dutra attended SDSU and graduated with a Masters degree in International Relations, a major which afforded her the opportunity to travel around the world educating foreign business professionals, and picking up some useful style influences along the way.  Elizabeth’s experience developing businesses around the world gave her the tools to execute her vision of bringing stylish and fitting active wear to petites.  “Looking back, it seems crazy to start a clothing line,” she said. “But it’s something that I needed. And I figured if I was having problems, I’m sure there were tons of other women in my same situation.”

Bella Petite Hour Special Guest

Tune in and listen to Ann Lauren and Elizabeth Dutra on the Bella Petite Hour.  They’ll be discussing a number of topics including: health and fitness techniques, clothing trends in active and casual wear, the competitive fitness wear arena, manufacturing true eco-chic wear, celebs and athlete’s wearing her line, and tackling petite women’s figure and fashion issues!  As you can see, there is so much to talk about!  If you want to ask Elizabeth questions before the show, please leave your questions or comments below, and they may be shared with Elizabeth on the show!  You can shop online for Dutra’s collection at MySweetPetites.com.

Coming soon Bella Petite will have a complete fashion review on Elizabeth Dutra’s Sweet Petites collection and feature her designs in a cutting-edge fashion spread!

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