Nothing NEW! Fashion Week Amazon Models Rule The Runway [petite models]

All that can be said for Paris Fashion Week (at the Christian Dior fashion show) held this week for the Spring 2011 collection is: nothing new!  Pretty boring, in fact.

The fashion world is fresh out of ideas.  It’s enough to make petite models want to cry!  And cry we shall… for CHANGE! No longer do we care about watching giraffe-style amazon models grazing down the runways.

I, for one, enjoy the celebrity fashion shows where you can see women of all shapes and sizes.  What’s funny is that these tiresome old designers keep playing the same tune, marching amazons down a runway in stiletto heels that are six inches plus, giving the models an additional boost (as if she needs it)!

These models are an illusion in every way.  High heels, to make them significantly taller than they really are, or need to be, and they are seriously photoshopped to appear thinner in fashion magazine photos. To boot, they aren’t even the women who usually buy the clothing, it’s the petite woman that drives the retail industry.

The unfortunate fact remains that the fashion industry standards don’t include the petite models, so the poor upcoming petite ladies looking for a career as a model won’t be considered…  Unless, you register for Bella Petite’s model search! Wasn’t it Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model whom told contestants on Cycle 13 (the petite model edition), “you can do catalog work.”  Prospective petite models can also do promo modeling in advertising and convention work, but the catwalk is out.”  No thanks to Tyra for upholding the precious industry standards.

Hang tight ladies, because now is the time for things to change and you’ve got in your corner.  Check out our petite fashion trend news. The industry standards are coming down and petite women are coming up! Bella Petite Magazine’s preview issue is in the works and coming soon this year! 2010 is the Year of The PETITE Woman! Written by:  Ann Lauren


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7 thoughts on “Nothing NEW! Fashion Week Amazon Models Rule The Runway [petite models]”

  1. It is so refreshing to read an article that expresses how I feel every time fashion week comes around and the models are enormous! I am studying to be a fashion designer for petites! Thanks to you we finally have a place in fashion and ready for the industry to recognize petite women! Tired of seeing tall models.

  2. When are clothing designer gonna get a clue about petite women? I am so dumb founded by the lack of spotlight on petite models, since as you say we are the majority. We certainly are not given any part of fashion and it is time that changes, thanks Ann! Keep up the good work! You must be the strongest petite gal in the world to do this…anything I can do please contact me.

  3. Wow u go for it! Nice to hear someone tell it like it is. Why don’t the standards accept petites I just don’t get it. Don’t the designers want us to buy there clothes? How come the sizing is so bad for us I have to tailor all things…hmm hate this. Lov You Bella petite 😉

  4. I am so ready for a new look in fashion that being petite one! Never thought this happen for us short girls and never liked being tiny till now, thank you! 🙂

  5. Looking forward to what Bella Mag can do to make a difference for us lil gals! I never cared about fashion until now I feel like we got something here…. 🙂

  6. This article really stands out to me. And I agree, fashion week is the same every year. As someone who works in the fashion industry, it is a fact that the petite models buy the clothes. Most of those models would not be caught dead in those threads!.

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