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Bella Petite Magazine would like to begin our coverage of the newly elected Kamala Harris by saying, Congratulations on a grand accomplishment by becoming the ‘First WOMAN,” in U.S. History to command the Vice President’s post!

For us to truly appreciate the groundbreaking significance of a female Vice President elected for the “VERY FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY,” let’s forget about the political party, Kamala Harris represents.


While we applaud there being a woman U.S. Vice President, the harsh reality is the first U.S. Presidential Election occurred in 1789, that’s 230 years ago!

What is it about politics in America that took this accomplishment so long?

It’s an epic astonishment to fathom that it took 230 years for a “Woman to become a U.S. Vice President.” At this pace, it may 230 more years for a “woman to become President of the USA.” Let’s appreciate the gravamen as to the implications of inequality and marginalization of women in America.

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While I could go on about my disappointment on ‘why and how this has taken so long, I’ll instead focus here on V.P. Kamala Harris’s positive breakthrough of the political glass ceiling! Perhaps the best strategy for us to achieve ‘beyond the talking point equality for women” requires a supportive ideological shift in the collective female consciousness for transformation to happen.

This is a key moment in American history for women to be mutually aligned and supportive of one another because together is how we win!


As we continue the prolific chronicling of Kamala, we don’t plan to adopt the standardized media narratives about Vice President Kamala Harris; by now, we know her gender, ethnicity, and curriculum vitae. Now it’s time for us to architect a sustainable era of modernity.

V.P. Kamala is no stranger to real-world issues of equal rights, race, and discrimination. The fight is real for all women, no matter what our ethnic origins are. With that thought in mind, we need to focus less on biology and ethnic origins for us to “root out systemic racism and gender discrimination.”

The fact is America is a melting pot of ethnicity it’s time we take less note of our differences because we are ‘one human race.”

Think about how politicians and media characterize us when they begin to preface a person’s accomplishments by reinforcing gender and race; it is a manipulation of perception that creates our responses. Essentially, when you lead an introduction in that manner, it serves only to enforce “racism and gender discrimination.” It’s a form of societal behavioral engineering in the program.

As we can easily see, it is no mystery how political dinosaurs censored mass media. Social media commentators’ concocted propagandized narratives are aligned as they reveal the racial, socio-political, gender, and cultural complexities of Vice President Kamala Harris’s rhetoric. No, thank you, we will go high, as they go low. Welcome to Bella Petite’s “no-PsyWarriors and Censorship-free zone!”

Ladies, now it is our moment to weave the fabric of life our way.

Written by Ann Lauren Like it, or not? Share your thoughts below.

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