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It is amazing how often we start things in life, and end up with unfinished business.

We have projects that we in the beginning started with passion and enthusiasm to only later ditch the project, or get side-tracked.

Many things in life, we seem to quit before we come to the dawn of light, of success or completion. This happens a lot with relationships. Sometimes the fervor is there but we don’t have the longevity to see it to completion.

I sort of liken it to running a race. The prize isn’t in the training, the hard and grueling work, but the prize is the trophy, after the finish line is crossed.So many of us exhausted by the process of commitment and hard work, fall short of completion at the finish line. Despite all the energy in the beginning and exuberance- fatigue, exhaustion and boredom is sometimes what we succumb to.

In a relationship the reality is that its always work, and it started with work, and at the end of the day, it will finish with work. The question is, are you committed to the cause? Do you have a heart that is filled with commitment to stay the course, all the way?

With so many trials facing relationships today, it’s so easy to get side-tracked and tripped up. But Love has the enduring power to weather any storm, and stay the course, no matter how turbulent things can be.

Years ago in college, I met a man that was the most incredible man that I had met, due to youth and folly, and a few set of circumstances the relationship ended.

You can say it was intercepted by a curve ball, none-the-less, Thirty-three years later we connected. After a series of life events that had occurred, we had found out an amazing revelation.

When it is Love, it never dies, when it’s hidden deep in the crevices of the heart. The true meaning of the song “Always and Forever”, mused in my mind as he felt that we had unfinished business that must be addressed. I could only concur. As crazy as it seemed for me to step back in time, I felt instead of living a life of wonder or regret, find out if what was so apparent years ago- is still apparent today.

As you step into 2012 a New Year, set your mind and heart to give whole heartily to the relationship that you are in, and don’t be disturbed by the life events that seem to always get in the way. Love takes courage, time, and commitment. Some of the best things – are things that result from Unfinished Business that becomes Finished Business!

Written By: Candace Chambers-Belida Copyright © 2012


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