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Fashion forward petite celebrities 5’3″ Kate Bosworth, 5’4″ Emma Watson and 5’3″ Kirsten Dunst agree on the Carter Looks set by Mulberry the new stars fav “IT” Bag!

Women who classify themselves, in terms of their body type and height, especially for the “petite” at (5’5″ tall & under) she can sometimes have a hard time finding suitable clothing for fashion trends. Sometimes a certain type of clothing may swing into fashion that is simply not as flattering on a petite woman’s frame, whether she is waif, fit, curvy or plus-sized.

However, this does not mean that it needs to be difficult for petite women to shop for new or flattering styles. If you stay rooted to your local strip malls and common shops, you may occasionally have some difficulties, because these types of places often simply carry the latest trends in huge stock, with little variety. This is why, for a petite woman looking to be fashionable in a new season or with regard to a new trend, looking at high-end fashion might be a good idea.

Designers such as Mulberry and others offer extremely high quality clothing that is both fashionable and reliable to endure. Of course, sometimes you will pay more for the quality you are receiving, but to many women the price is well worth it. Petite celebrity reality star 5’4″ Olivia Palermo looks great in Mulberry!

The first benefit of shopping from a high-end fashion designer is that their selections are made by people who devote their lives to making clothes that can fit any woman beautifully. If a local shop or mall department store is only offering a certain type of dress, for example, that has a length or design that is awkward for you as a petite woman, you are likely to find something relatively similar, but more fitting, with an experienced designer with a good reputation. What you ultimately decide upon will of course be dependent on your personal preferences, the amount of shopping around you do, and the price you decide to pay; but it is always worth it to look in less mainstream places. Petite celebrity actress Kirstin Dunst seen here looking fabulous in Mullberry, there’s no secret why the stars think outside the box when shopping and you can too!

You can also find extensive options in shoes and accessories with some high-end fashion designers, like petite celebrity Emma Roberts . These, too, can be very useful for petite women, as the right accessory (bag, belt, purse) can help to balance out an outfit, and perhaps pull together your look.

And what’s more, you may find a very fashionable shoe that gives you some desired lift to help you to fit more comfortably in dresses at your size.

It can be easy for a petite woman to become discouraged when shopping, the same way that it can be difficult for a tall or heavy woman to find suitable clothing.

However, if you remember that there are experienced designers out there working on behalf of all women’s body types and trying to give you attractive and affordable clothing, you may have more options than you realize.

Next time you start shopping, do yourself a favor and look into some legitimate, respected designers and you will find great deals on designer brands!


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