Modern Yoga Goddesses Retreat to Paradise [fitness] [health]

Have you been feeling a little over worked and with not enough playtime?

Perhaps you can remember a time when you felt the glow of your sun kissed body radiating from beneath a silk sundress blowing in the breezes of an exotic beach in paradise? Waking each morning to practice yoga to stretch your body, mind and soul. Sipping smoothies by the seaside, while soaking in the natural hot springs mineral baths on the seashore mid-day…

If you can recall (or even imagine yourself experiencing) something like this, you are probably a Modern Goddess in the making.

First of all, you may be wondering, what is a Modern Goddess?

Modern Goddesses are beautiful women who shine from the inside out. You emanate a radiant glow, sparkle in your eyes and smile from your heart. Sometimes life gets in the way and you lose this sparkle and twinkle…

That means it is definitely time to get back to the basics and back in touch with the real you!  How can you do this, you wonder?

Goddess radiance is best cultivated while on vacation in exotic locations like Bali, Costa Rica and Maui, for instance. Far away from the chaos of daily living, we can unwind and let go of the baggage that is tearing us away from our true self.

In the city and domestic living, we become so weighted down by obligations and aspirations, we often lose sight of the true essence of living, which is pure, open and free.

After over a decade of world travel leading groups to exotic adventurous destinations, I am just now starting to comprehend the profound effect these trips can have on the mind, body and soul.

In our modern world, it is becoming even more necessary, to retreat, to regain that Goddessness that is our true divine nature, our birthright and our core essence of being.

Give yourself the gift of self renewal, rejuvenation and make this life a continual adventure that nourishes your soul. Send yourself on an exotic yoga retreat vacation asap, and watch your entire life fall back into alignment with your dreams and visions.

Blessings to your health, happiness and greatest success! Namaste Dashama

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2 thoughts on “Modern Yoga Goddesses Retreat to Paradise [fitness] [health]”

  1. This is the absolute truth. I met so many goddesses with Dashama in Bali this year. They were so different from the women i have known. They are all strong, passionate, radiant, confident, loving women who I admire very much. I know this journey has changed me in so many ways. I cannot wait to take another yoga trip to another exotic location. But until then, I will continue my practice always- whether it is in paradise or standing in line at the bank. Good article. One thing the world could use is such amazing women to change the men in profound ways in this world. Thank you for that.


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