Bella Petite Magazine Model Search Cover Girls 2013


We are proud to present the top 12 Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girls for 2013! Covers arranged in alphabetical order. You will be seeing editorials, interviews and exciting news and promotions with our cover models throughout the year.

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Aaryn Elizabeth
Height: 5’3″ Location: Texas
Anna Nguyen
Height: 5’3″ Location: Maryland
April Dion
Height: 5’4″ Location: Missouri
Heidi Eigenberger
Height: 5’4″ Location: Wisconsin
Jamie Robertson
Height: 5’2″ Location: Hawaii
Jennifer Monge
Height: 5’3″ Location: Arizona
Jessica DeVirgilis
Height: 5’0″ Location: Italy
Kat Deleon
Height: 5’1″ Location: Hawaii
Lauren Carter
Height: 5’2″ Location: United Kingdom
Marchette Richardson
Height: 5’5″ Location: New York
Nazanin Mandi
Height: 5’3″ Location: California

Samara Khatib
Height: 5’0″ Location: New Jersey




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