Model Mayhem For The Model “Ego”

The model ego always craves attention.  The disappointing thing about the ego is that cravings are never quite satisfied, the ego always needs more. How does that make you feel?  If you are a model, it’s not likely that you feel much positivity in the course of your work. The reason is that being a model is based on vanity, which always breeds insecurity.

The simple fact is thousands of girls that look just like you want the same job. There’s more to getting a real job in the entertainment or modeling industry than good looks alone.

The best advice an aspiring model or actress will ever be told is to have a backup plan! Go to college, earn a degree, attend a trade school, take a workshop to help hone your skills and build your talent. Become more than just another pretty face, because there is always a better looking and a more qualified person than you. Intelligence and real talent afford you security and stock in trade to leverage in the marketplace for whatever your career choice may be.

We live in an era of Internet fame!  Thousands of videos are posted every day on websites like YouTube. Then there are the internet scam websites praying on hopeful models and actors. They cater to your vanity and claim they can make you a model or an entertainer.  Majority of these websites charge monthly fees for membership, photo posting, connections and “upgraded services,” to provide you a photo hosting platform.

A couple of the most misleading model-oriented websites on the internet are called Model Mayhem (MM) and One Model Place (OMP). You should know and please beware they are examples of websites, where model hopefuls create a “portfolio” to be seen by other members of the site ranging from photographers to Photoshop wizards. What is interesting is that they do not offer opportunities for petite models that are 5’5″ and shorter.

One Model Place executives admit that they will only use tall models in their programming on Fashion One and their CEO verbally stated “he doesn’t believe in the use of petite models,” while looking at an issue of Bella Petite Magazine.

Interestingly both MM and OMP still charge fees to petite models while knowingly not offering petite models any real chance at being on their filmed programs, or featured in modeling campaigns or utilized on the runway.  One might assume that they would disclose on the websites terms and agreements contract that they do not use petite models, nor do their “advertisers,”  so you wouldn’t pay them a subscription fee in hopes you may have modeling opportunities. But then they wouldn’t make money off of petite models, and that is quite lucrative for them when you consider their database is primarily filled with petite model hopefuls.  Though this may sound like a reasonable way to make your mark in the modeling industry as a petite model, it’s not.

These websites are simply an “entertainment medium” that takes advantage of those hoping to break into the modeling and entertainment industry through enticing subscribers with free and paid memberships to see your photos. Purportedly, the websites are breeding an atmosphere of men and women picking up on each other.

Who are these so-called important people viewing your graphics?  What you need to know about Model Mayhem and One Model Place is that they don’t allow casting directors, publishers, model and talent agents or advertising agencies to join. Those are the individuals you need to be seen by to get real work as a model, so why pay them?

If you read the fine print, you will find out it states that they are for “entertainment purposes only!”  Oh, how entertaining it is.  There are plenty of amateur photographers and models posting sexually graphic content on a daily basis.

Wannabe Models

A prominent fashion photographer familiar with both sites says, “Model Mayhem and One Model Place has destroyed the meaning of what a real model is. They make every girl feel like she can be a model because her pictures are posted on a page for the public to view”.  This photographer goes on to say, “these sites are known dating websites. They are sexual predators dream where they can easily entice women to take their clothes off, all in the pursuit of becoming a model.” Don’t be mislead for vanity and ego-sake.

Both the photographer and model sources of this article wish to remain anonymous because reportedly the websites administrators (and subscribers) harass and threaten those who speak negatively about their experiences with the websites. It is a disturbing reality to see and experience what they have done and said in public forums as a reprisal to Bella Petite Magazine.  (Source links available upon request.)

Nonetheless, “what is real modeling work?”  Having a book comprised of tear sheets, not random photographs. Sure, you need a few random professional photos to get you started (such as a headshot, full body, and 3/4 length shot), but a model’s job is not ONLY about taking pretty pictures.  A model’s job is to sell a product.

A Working model (Angela) offers the following advice and example of her modeling experiences:

“For example, of what to expect when from a client when you are hired for a modeling job.  Recently, Angela earned a tear sheet from the clothing line Nuvula. They hired her to shoot for their E-commerce site to increase internet sales (not to play dress up in their clothes and take pretty pictures).  Soon, she will have more tear sheets through Nuvula, since they have asked her to shoot for their next catalogue. If you are asked back by a client it is because they had success with your image, which helps to increase sales in their catalogue.

Now, the only reason Nuvula hired Angela, to begin with, is because they saw tear sheets of real work that she’s done for other companies, not because of her 50 unprofessional, or just pretty professional pictures on Model Mayhem, or One Model Place websites. Once you have earned several tearsheets you should be able to be paid scale wages. If you don’t have an agent you will have to negotiate the fee with your client.  Often you will be paid with the clothing you are modeling and tearsheets for payment. This is normally the case if you don’t have tearsheets in your portfolio.

Also, they wouldn’t have rehired Angela to shoot their next catalog, if she would have been anything, but professional after the first shoot!

What does professional mean for a model?   It means knowing that if you are shooting for an E commerce site you are trying to show off and sell the clothes not yourself!

It also means being on time, with a great attitude, without a tag along, ready to put in hours of hard work, with lights in your face, clothes being pinned on you, and nailing the shots quickly, so you do not cost the company more money by slowing down the process.  You need to know that the shoot isn’t about you, it is about the product!

Most work comes through recommendation, which Angela know would not be possible if she possessed a diva attitude, refused to wear certain makeup colors or didn’t know the difference in how to pose for fashion versus glamour.

In other words, if you forget your “model ego” and be the best that you can be, your pictures will shine and you may be hired for a job!

Written by: Editor-in-Chief Ann Lauren 

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174 thoughts on “Model Mayhem For The Model “Ego””

  1. Nice. Thanks for the insight and great info. I actually did have a portfolio on Model Mayhem about 3 years ago, just trying to start out. As you said, Angela, nothing at all came from it. I was offered several “jobs” where I would have to pose in the nude and declined. From what I saw, most were men who ran out and bought a cheap camera and looked for jailbait. Two things I did not know however until your article, One.. that actual agencies were not involved, and two..they have a fine print saying for entertainment only. Hmmm. Missed all that. Would have been nice to have read this 3 years ago, but what can you do. Glad this out there for other sisters. Beautiful pictures BTW, congrats on what all you are doing. So busy and time to write…keep on a rockin lovely Lady:)

    1. Hi Sunshine: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We would like aspiring models to know what to expect from this industry and not be misguided. What we want is women to beware and watch out for themselves. The internet is the “wild west” and many don’t know what to expect and they think it’s helpful in establishing a real career. MM, MySpace and FaceBook are all well known places where guys and girls scam on one another. We hope this info is helpful.

      The preview issue of Bella Petite Magazine will be out in a matter of weeks! Together we can make this happen!

    2. I totally had the same experience at MM. Never would I tell any girl it is a good place to start out. But if you can’t afford to pay for pics and you know to expect scammer style photogs men and women than this is a good place to go. I heard the owner of MM is a adult pornographer. This place no question is about scammers…Take nude photos and get free pics, but some girls like that. MM is not a place to build a real life career path, but good to network and met a guy or two, hehe 🙂

      If girls are stupid and want to be seen by these type of peeps and can’t avoid trouble that is their fault if they don’t read and do their research. MM is a seedy place and I closed my account because of that.

    3. Me too Sunshine, I did too trying to start on MM and nothing came from it but come on’s and scammer photogs guys and gals looking to go out for fun and nude pics. I never caved in to shooting nudes have no desire too. I want only serious real work i don’t need to be like a bimbo. When i signed up I noticed it said they were for entertainment purposes and did not know what that meant. Doing some research I found out infor that the owner of MM is an adult pornographer in the porn industry and has trouble in his past too. Google it. Lots of fun meeting new friends nothing serious on MM no career opps. Real party kind of peeps. Some good photogs on it and the they are overshadowed by the amateur scammer types biggest prob.

      1. I do agree with you for the most part. A lot of photographers there are scammers or pretty seedy. However as Cheryl said, if you know what to look out for, it can be a good place to get your portfolio started and in my experience, make a little extra cash. I don’t shoot nudes, but I also don’t have a problem with bikini/lingerie modeling as long as it’s tasteful. (i.e. pinups)

  2. Oh what a great article and good advice for aspiring models! So true about having a back up plan and dumping the ego! In my experience Model Mayhem was a total joke and the photogs were nothing but scammers looking for a good time. Thank you for putting this info out there for new models to see. I always get a good laugh at girls who do nothing but pose in half naked and sexy pics and thinking they are a model because of it. It is so nice to have a reliable source on the internet especially for us petite women nothing like it! Luv you guys keep up the xcellent work! Yay!!!!!! 🙂

  3. I thought everyone new Model Mayhem was a JOKE! Total SCAM! Bad news for wannabe models! You can get in real trouble on a scummy site like that one. Hats of to Bella for putting the warning out. So many yung girls don’t know what to look out for. The other problem is some girls like to put them selves out there like that because they aren’t very smart and they use there bodies to get what they want. I say brain power is the best combo!!! Thanks for this! Who complains at a photo shoot? LMFAO not a pro I guess…

    1. MM is far from a scam. MM is a social networking site. MM makes no promises to anyone about getting signed or getting work. MM is not responsible for any work you do or don’t get on there. You are obviously very confused.

      1. Hello Center Stage: No one is confused. We are informed. Now the readers and wanna be models are informed as to what to expect from their experience on MM and other alike sites. That was the entire purpose of the article, beware, hone your skills, be a professional at a shoot and how and what is real work by industry standards…

        So right you are! MM to quote you verbatim: “MM is a social networking site. MM makes no promises to anyone about getting signed or getting work. MM is not responsible for any work you do or don’t get on there.” That’s what our readers need to know. Thank you for the clarification! Please feel free to post your comments anytime, good day!

      2. No this info bout MM has helped so much to clear things up for newbies that have no idea. We think this will help up have a career and meet pro people in the biz. The amatuers on it make it bad for us way more the pros on it. It is nice to network with people but everyone is a scammer guy and girl alike on MM more than anything. It is like a party zone 800 number. Nothing good will come from this start a career and make a living. No real jobs here on MM. Canceling my account after reading from all the pathetic rude photogs here, so sad ;(

        1. Agree with Sheila 100%. The photographers and MM models are rude just like the moderators on MM. If you take a look at MM moderators and creators, their profile suck. What makes it worst, MM members come on here to defend some silly model website really show you how unprofessional they are. I’m not gonna waste my time defending some silly website. A true professional could care less about MM. Yes there are some professionals on the site, but it’s very rare. Because the creator of MM, moderators, and rude talent, I will delete my account.

      3. MM might not be a scam, but who care about MM. that’s the writer opinion. This is not the first article that bashed MM so what. I’m not gonna defend some stupid site. So get mad at me when I say, “Bump MM”.

  4. I had such a bad experience with being on Model Mayhem I got nothin positive from posting pics there. Never should a girl trying to model put her stuff on the internet unless you know what ur doing. You totally get nothing but offers to take your clothes off from DUMB really BAD photographers on Model Mayhem. I actually got nothing but offers to go out. It is really for dating and taking advantage of us gals there. Nice article about the biz Angela! You got it going on gurl!!!! 🙂

    1. Hello Gia: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We appreciate your candor and honesty. Unfortunately, what you are saying is the predominate experience shared by “petite models” from the MM site. This is why we wrote the article, so ladies would understand what they could expect and provide some advice on how to pursue a career in the industry. Especially, the petite model she is treated with the least respect and that needs to change. Together petite women can make that happen! Be looking for the preview issue of Bella Petite Magazine coming in weeks. Good luck to you!

  5. I am so glad you ladies read the article! The only way we can stop scam sites is by getting the truth out about them! Bella Petite is here for YOU! We will work hard to continue to bring you relevant content that you need and want! Getting 1 million women to join Bella Petite is the BEST way for us to CHANGE THE INDUSTRY!!! We need viral videos, comments, posts, etc SPREAD THE WORD. The more people that know about us the more we can do for YOU! God Bless every one of you beautiful women!

    1. Sounds like you are blowing your own trumpet here… Model mayhem is what you make of it. Im sure your site is no different.
      You sound very desperate!

    2. In any large community there are professionals (and amateurs) who are there for the right reasons, and those who unfortunately are not.

      I feel your statement is way too broad to generalize an entire group who’s active membership is around 350,000 members.

  6. Nice fearmongering. Pity you have no idea what you’re talking about and just want to scare models into signing up for your site.

    You’ll surely remove this, since you can’t take criticism, you can only levy it.

      1. Oh, really? You mean just like the ones who sign up for MM? Because I don’t see anywhere on your form that says you require experienced individuals. Just a thought.

        1. Bella Petite is not a modeling site you moron. It’s a magazine which is coming in print in January. Everybody don’t join BP to be a model. I join BP because they talk about petite women issues. You and the rest of the MM members (probably only 3 of you under 50 names) need to do your research because BP don’t just talk about modeling it’s an online magazine for petites that will come in print real soon. Let support BP ladies because these rude MM people (maybe just 3 or spammers from MM) are trying to tear us down.

    1. Gosh you must be one of those creepy photogs trying to get wanna be models to take their clothes off…get a life! Bella Petite is looking out for us gals!

      1. Go figure a freaky MM photographer comes to the aid of a website that is well-known for having BAD MEN taking advantage. Oooh sooo shocking you would support that site! joke…. 🙁

          1. You’re probably a moderator are a MM freak. BP isn’t the only magazine bashing MM. So what. Go Bella Petite.

        1. I’m a genuine MM member. Like all modelling sites I’m sure MM attracts its share of weirdos and those not really out to photograph or model. But for sourcing models for well paid work that I need for clients it has been excellent.

          1. Hi Andy: Thank you for your comments. In our opinion you are correct and we hope that upcoming models understand their options. This article was an observation and opinion article shared by many women. It was a collaborative effort to help out aspiring models. Interesting that over 90% of the feedback is coming from men. We hope that women have been enlightened about the purposes behind ET websites and how to get real work in the industry. The good news is everyone is entitled to share opinions, experiences and advice. People can take it or leave it…

    2. This is not the only website that’s bashing MM. You MM members really take this s**t too seriously. lol. You guys must be losers with no life to take an article so personal about some lame website. haha.

  7. Sure, if you aspire to a career in fashion or commercial print modeling, Model Mayhem would be a silly place to rely on. The noise far outweighs the real opportunities. Skip the portfolio-mills and TFP merry-go-round and just hit up the agencies.

    But all this hating on Model Mayhem misses one of the points: not all “modeling” is fashion. Many people of sound mind model as a hobby or a creative outlet, and have no more intention to get into Vogue than a weekend golfer expects to play in the Master’s.

    For the hobbyist model — those who just want to have fun making creative photos with other hobbyist models, makeup artists, photographers, etc., it’s a great place to network. Sure, there are some skeevy photographers, but checking references and having some common sense goes a long way to avoid those rotton apples.

    And for those who dream of the Bohemian lifestyle of a traveling art, glamour, alt, or erotic model, it’s a great place to network and find work and keep a fresh portfolio. I’ve worked with a number of these models and have great respect for them as people and as fellow creatives. Their job has nothing to do with fashion, but it’s still real modeling (not dating, prostitution, escorting, stripping, or whatever other scandalous activities people attribute to them).

    “I am an *amateur* fine art photographer and I use Model Mayhem to find models for my “nude work.” The models I work with have absolutely no starry-eyed dreams of being a fashion model. It’s a hobby (and for some, a job) that they enjoy just as much as I enjoy mine, and I’m blessed to work with them.”

    FWIW, the article has some factual issues — for instance, you do not have to be a paid member to see other people’s photos. That is available with a free account. Paid membership allows posting more of your own photos–same as Flickr, SmugMug, and other photo-centric sites.

    MM is no more a “scam” for models than a fantasy football league is a “scam” for wannabe NFL players. Anyone who thinks it’s a path to commercial modeling success has a few screws loose. But for the rest of us, it’s a fun site and a place where I’ve met hundreds of wonderful people with similar passions and hobbies.

    1. Thank you for confirming our points to QUOTE you verbatim:
      “I am an *amateur* fine art photographer and I use Model Mayhem to find models for my “nude work.” The models I work with have absolutely no starry-eyed dreams of being a fashion model. It’s a hobby (and for some, a job) that they enjoy just as much as I enjoy mine, and I’m blessed to work with them.”

      Exactly the point we were making to aspiring wanna be models. DIRECT QUOTE: “If you read the fine print on Model Mayhem you will find that it is for “entertainment purposes only!” Oh, how entertaining it is. There are plenty of amateur photographers and models posting sexually graphic content on a daily basis.” Please beware they are a great example of the worst kind of site, where model hopefuls create a “portfolio” to be seen by other members of the site ranging from photographers to photoshop wizards. ”

      The article is meant for serious models interested in real career in modeling, in an effort to keep women from being taken advantage of. The writer has firsthand experience that she is sharing.

    2. Richard you are the exact example of who a women like me wants to avoid! How scummy to proposition young women who are misguided about how to pursue model work. I don’t want to shoot with a self professed “amateur photographer” on model mayhem as a hobby. That is the entire point the writer Angela is making! It is wonderful that we ladies have a forum to share our experiences on bad internet sites such as Model Mayhem. Unless, you are a girl that likes to shoot porn and has no self worth, which is why she’s on that site in the first place, we ladies must beware!

      1. Having seen this I had to reply again! Why should anyone who is amateur be avoided like that? You have no idea what Richard’s work is like and nor do I. Often the photographers who are not professional ie making money are the ones that show some of the most stunning work as they don’t need to create shots to please clients but for art itself! You seem to be confusing amateur vs professional as a status rather than the way someone acts. Just because someone doesn’t make money doesn’t mean they can’t behave in a professional manner.

        I always wonder why amateur photographer is used as an insult when amateur dramatics or amateur football isn’t – strange!

        1. I wouldn’t consider myself amateur as it sound really bad. If I was Richard, I would call myself an aspiring photographer. Being an amateur turn people away because it sound like you’re not serious about taking your work to the next level, but calling yourself “aspiring” sound so much better because you’re letting people know that you’re the next best thing and that you are going to the next level. MM would’ve been a better website if they didn’t have the word amateur for beginners to choose. Just my opinion.

    3. Richard you really prove to us ladies how lame it is to be on MM. It is great you are soo honest bout being an amateur and this is place for girls who are not real models. I would not waste my time to be checked out by photogs and scammer wanna be men who have nothing to offer, but a past time hobby to take nonsense pics. Who cares! MM is making money from the paid members too that scam on the models…

      1. Lisa I think the real question is…. what will you do instead? Are you going to pull out your check book and pay a photographer? Are you going to find a full time pro like myself and tell how much my portfolio would improve with you in it so I should shoot you for free..??? What are you going to do? What is your great plan?….. Simple fact is, I am guessing you are not that tall so you will not be walking any real runways. Then let play with you age…. You competition is 13-17 years old and doing well…. oh and yes… probably taller than you. So what WILL you waste your time doing if not being checked out by photographers…. which is a rather self serving attitude that assumes you are worth checking out. I think perhaps you should (if you were at all serious) be checking out the photographers work and trying to network…. not vice versa. The simple fact is that you can be easily replaced and a career spans go a photographer is much longer than a models. That is just way the way the cookie crumbles whether you like it or not.

        MM makes money from advertising….. and it far out weighs membership fees. I don’t see a lot of ads on here that were not generated in house. Hmmmmmm.

    4. I was on MM and the only people that was complaining about BP articles was moderators,amateur models and photographers, photographers who call themselves professional but have a weak resume, or models who call themselves and have a weak resume. A true professional is not gonna get mad at an article like this even if they do have a MM account. You even admit that you are an amateur photographer. Who in their right mind would want to defend MM unless it’s 3 of you under 20 names claiming that MM is the best. Plz you’re better off on facebook showing unlimited photos than you are paying MM to show unlimited photos. Just my thoughts. Go BP.

  8. I have more experience with Model Mayhem than all of your sources combined and multiplied by 100. Model Mayhem is a community of close to half a million. It is not and has never been targeted to a specific niche market such as shorty models who thinks the world should change to accommodate them. As a diverse community, there is a vast range of talented and talentless members and that includes models as well as photographers. Are there perverted photographers there? Sure there are. Thankfully, there is a fair number of perverted models too.

    Model Mayhem is not a site to be discovered by agencies and commercial clients but a Model Mayhem aspiring model is much more likely to be seen and discovered on Model Mayhem.

    While you focus on the dark side of a large community, you conveniently ignore the fact that there are many talented members on that site. While commercial success from Model Mayhem is rare as it is in the real world of modeling, there are success stories that can partially attributed to the site. Melissa B has found success and has been published worldwide.

    Christina is someone I know personally who started on Model Mayhem with no experiences and now works worldwide. I still remember helping her vet an early offer from another state that ended up paying over $7000. These stories are exceptionally rare but they are more prevalent than the predators you refer to if predator can be defined in a legal sense. Now if you want to define predator in a moral sense, someone may call you a predator for showing an unveiled face.

    1. Pat thank you for confirming the article’s point regarding “predators”. To quote the writer: “Who are these so-called important people viewing your graphics? What you need to know is that Model Mayhem does not allow casting directors, publishers, model and talent agents or advertising agencies to join and those are the individuals you need to be seen by to get real work as a model. If you read the fine print on Model Mayhem you will find that it is for “entertainment purposes only!” Oh, how entertaining it is. There are plenty of amateur photographers and models posting sexually graphic content on a daily basis.”

      Your point that “Model Mayhem is not a site to be discovered by agencies and commercial clients” completely supports what we said.

      Bella Petite is less than a year old and is challenging the “OLD” standards, so in future their will be new opportunity for petite models. Good luck with your endeavors.

      1. I don’t understand how you continually ignore what people in opposition to this post are saying, instead pulling one line out of what they are saying and then saying it supports the argument.

        I am a photographer on model mayhem, and many of us are not predators. Many of us are extremely talented photographers who make our livings (much more than alot of fashion photographers I may add) in other forms of photography; wedding photography, sports photography, lifestyle photography, portrait photography etc. While we are not fashion photographers, by choice, we are capable of producing great work. There are photographers on model mayhem whose work rivals some of the best you will see in any magazine. In addition to the non fashion photographers on the site, there are also actual fashion photographers who make their living from work with magazines.

        There are also MANY agency signed models on mayhem, signed to some of the worlds top agencies. They are on the site to do test work with those top photographers. Will those shots be published? Probably not, but it may add a critical element that their agent believes is missing from their book.

        I am not saying the site is perfect, it is not, there are of course those with less than noble intentions, but there are those in the “real” fashion world. Where there will be women, there will be perverts, they aren’t limited to the model mayhem.

    2. Pat why should we “PETITE” ladies care about what you have to say? This is a community of women for women! FYI- In case you haven’t noted ‘PETITE” ladies are the MAJORITY of women, so we don’t care about looking at lanky giraffe looking women!!!!!!!!

      We shouldn’t have to be exposed to those strange beings at all! And ‘YES” I do believe the fashion designers should cater to the women actually spending the money to buy their stuff! Maybe petite women should go on strike from spending and see how long they can stay in business with only the tiny fraction of women who model for them…

      1. I’m sorry your experiences have made you so negative towards other women, simply because they are taller or more marketable than you, but being petty and insulting won’t get you anywhere.
        Good to see the above mentioned “model ego” doesn’t descriminate by height, even if you do.

    3. You are awful Pat to come in and down a website that supports “shorty” women as you rudely said! Keep your perversion to yourself and look out for this guy ladies he’s on MM!!!!! What a joke!!!! He’s another reason why you should keep away these are the type of MEN scammin us…

      1. sounds like someone has an agenda and a wee bit of sour grapes.

        I don’t shoot nudes ( not that there is anything wrong with them) and am not a predator. Blanket statements such as these are generally false and misleading. There are some fine photographers ( published and agency approved), make-up artists and models on MM — to paint them all with that big broad brush is disingenuous.

        BTW your July cover is ghastly.

      2. What a load of hysterical bollocks. It’s an all-too-common example of bone-idle journalism that gives only one highly selective side of the picture.

      3. Wow!! This is the most seriously misinformed article I have read in awhile. I am a PROFESSIONAL photographer and regularly use MM as well as onemodelplace to find models for various CLOTHED photo shoots. Are there creeps on these sites? Absolutely. Probably about the same percentage of creeps that are in the fashion business as a whole. If you really want to put a scare into your readers why don’t you mention how many models are preyed upon in the “legit” model industry. Terry Richards, a famous fashion photographer, regularly coerces young models into sleeping with him. The model agencies know this yet they continually send young inexperienced models to his studio. Or how about Jason Ellis, who’s photographs have been on the cover of Elle Magazine. He was charged with raping a 14yo girl, who he promised to make famous. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen agency executives taking advantage of young models. Booze, drugs, sex with underage models. It’s all an unfortunate part of the industry. And now there is the hairdresser who is accused of raping a model at London Fashion Week. Your article should be about warning models of the sleezbags that are in the industry as a whole, and how to avoid them, not about a website with half a million members that you didn’t have any luck with.

  9. I find it completely ironic that a website which caters to “models” under 5’5″ tall who aspire to be fashion models would try to bash one of the most successful modeling sites on the Internet today. Your lack of understanding about the site borders on retardation.

    I might suggest you create a website next to cater to all the 48 year old white guys under 5’7″ tall who aspire to be NBA centers.

  10. I’m a member of While, I am not a moderator I will speak from
    what I know of the site. It was designed to be a fun Myspace like site for model, photographers
    and others to post. In part as I understand it agents, managers and agencies were not
    allowed to join because it would be too hard to vet them. How would anyone really know
    who was a real agent and or agency and not a portfolio mill or scam.

    A license isn’t that hard to come by and many licensed agencies have turned out to be rip-offs.
    Understand that MM is free to join. Non members can still view your images and
    contact you if you CHOOSE to place your email or phone number on your profile.
    This is no different then many sites offer and many aren’t free.

    Modelmayhem does have nudity. So does V, W, Vogue and Elle. MM also
    has more adult imagery. Don’t want to see that, a feature called work safe prevents
    images marked M for mature from showing. As for predators, etc. Any website can
    have problems. Craigslist allows anyone to post and women and girls have been
    murdered and sexually abused. That doesn’t make CL bad. It makes those those
    who commit those crimes evil.

    Its far too easy to paint sites like MM with a broad stroke. Most of the
    members are cool, talented, professional people. Much like, I imagine those
    that run this site but….

    Would any of you attack Bellapetite if one of its members was accused of a crime
    involving a model or would you simply say, that individual has done wrong but
    that is no reflection on the site overall.

  11. I am disgraced and appalled by the small minded attitudes of my fellow petite women here. I am a photographer who has been using model mayhem to source models for personal projects to build mine and their portfolios.

    I have personally assisted several fashion photographers testing models for London agencies, but guess what! They all have profiles on Model Mayhem and they have fast tracked many girls into the aforementioned London agencies.

    Try not to tar every photographer with the same brush and try not to write outlandish shock copy just to get noticed. The problem with getting noticed for all the wrong reasons is that you quickly get forgotten for all the right reasons.

    I suppose though I will now suffer abuse at the hands of this “magazine” and it’s followers. But just remember ladies, accept what you are, who you are and your limitations. Strive to excel in something you CAN be amazing at, not just always want what you can’t have.

  12. I find your article somewhat misleading also.
    Many of us modelmayhem members are aware that no fame and fortune will come from being a part of it, but it’s a bit of fun, as you said ‘entertainment’. So it’s no scam, unless you’re stupid.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a nude model, in fact some of us actually enjoy it without also doing pornography work or ‘disrespecting’ our bodies, like you seem to imply.

    Yes it is a website that caters mainly for the art nude, glamour and fetish genres, and yes they too are also modeling genres. It’s not all fashion or commercial believe it or not. If they’re happy and getting paid jobs while having fun, then what’s the problem?

    And just to let you know, petite women are NOT in fashion on the upper class catwalk at this moment in time, doesn’t that make this site a bit hypocritical? Coming from a petite sized woman of course.

    1. Hi Roja: You may be aware of MM purpose, but many other women are not. There is no moral judgement being rendered against models who like being a “nude” model. This article offers an opinion and advice for aspiring models. To quote you: “Yes it is a website that caters mainly for the art nude, glamour and fetish genres, and yes they too are also modeling genres.” That is one of our points and women need to know this information, so they are informed. We agree with you that this is part of MM allure to women. Bella Petite caters to petite women 5’5″ and under. Feel free to review our website to better understand. Thank for your comments and questions.

  13. Oh and just for the record, I’ve never been scammed or violated by anyone on that site, that’s what the government are there for.

    1. Good advice! Women should be focused on their intelligence and having talent. It’s kind of scary when you think how many girls will use their bodies over their minds…Since time began it’s been the case. That is why MM works. Not their fault they can profit from it (the American Way) and the photogs do it for fun as their hobby. Too bad most girls like this type of attention that is why they do it.

      I hope for once petite ladies will be look at more positively by the industry, instead of being bashed and left out.

  14. Where do yo get off on publishing this garbage?
    I have been a fully professional model in London for two years including in house for Agent Provoctaeur. I have been freelance working virtually every day and got a great deal of work from Model Mayhem. It is definitely the best site on the net for models pjhotographers and designers to network and your comments are astounding. I have met some great – and I mean great -photographers in person from MM such as Ira Meyer whose geographical and wildlife photograpy is world renowned.
    You are so profoundly wrong it beggars belief and such nonsense undermines the gifted and creative professionals who use MM.

    1. Hi Antonio: Please take the time to read our articles and mission statement to better answer your questions. We are a multi-media platform:
      *Web community
      *Radio show
      *Digital magazine.
      We offer a FREE magazine subscription and FREE model search entry to win a cover and appear in editorials. Recently produced editorials with our petite models held in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego Ca, Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia coming soon in Bella Petite Magazine.

  15. omg — are you women serious?!? You all sound like a bunch of chicken pecking and squawking!

    I am a SHORT model. I am 5’4, and by any and all modeling standards I am not fit for the industry. I have a profile on model mayhem (shock, gasp horror!) and truth be told, had I not been on that site, I would have never broken into this industry any other way!

    You want me to go to an agency instead? Unless Im 5’8 theyre going to offer me “classes” which I need to pay $1200 for nothing more then false promises. Seriously.

    I can agree with some parts of the article. YES there are amateurs on the site (both models and photographers…EVERYONE needs to start from somewhere.) YES some men on there are laughable! (Again, a few times those laughable guys turn into AMAZING photographers — I have actually SEEN this happen) YES there are pervs on that website (If you model seriously, you can/will face a lot worse then whats on model mayhem).

    Upsides? Great community, who at times pull together and help women and men out all over the world when in need. A safer environment then girls trying their luck on their own. If you’re 5’4 – good luck with an agency (!), whats left? craigslist. …

    I’m dead serious girls. Honestly. When I started out in the industry I thought I could change it, and it was stupid that they only wanted models that are 5’10 and 100 lbs! I really did. I can’t! Noone can! AND THATS A GOOD THING. Fashion, modeling, and the industry creates a sort of fairy tale world, that the average aren’t supossed to be in. If the fashion world accepted people who looked like me, the fairy tale would be gone. Plain, boring, blah. Gimmie an Alexander Mcqueen show over JC Penny ANY DAY.

    Oh and one more thing…if you think like this about MM – Im glad you’re not on there… more work for me!

    1. Hey girl you sound really silly. I’m 5’2″ and I’m with Ford Models in FL (Ford boost my height up to 5’5″). I do commercial work and sometime teen modeling ( I’m 24 years old btw). If an agency charge you, it’s a SCAM. I’m surprise that MM members didn’t correct you on that. is a good website on models because their moderators will tell you the truth and they won’t allow scams like MM would. They moderators might be harsh, but they’ll give you wise tips about the modeling industry. MM moderators barely know anything about the modeling industry and their photos are horrible. Bella Petite isn’t a modeling website like these naive MM members think, it’s an online magazine that will be in print soon so a petite woman can actually get a REAL tearsheet. If plus size women can do it, petite women can too. It’s the only magazine that allow petite women to do fashion. Go BP.

    2. I’m surprise that nobody didn’t correct you on this, but if an agency charge you to be with their agency, it’s a SCAM. They do have agency for women of your height and they’re not going to care about you having an online portfolio. I don’t think that MM is a scam, but I do think that it’s a waste of time. Go for more commercial and talent agency in your area and avoid modeling and big agency. I’m 5’2″ and I’m with Ford and I also get book work. Believe it or not, if you think all tall models are on the runway, you’re wrong. There are actually some models that are 5’4″ that are doing runway for shows like the New York Fashion Week. I bet you’re wandering how’s that possible, but it’s actually is possible. Do you know that if you have runway experience, despite your height, some short models would actually get booked because of their height? Yes it’s true. I’m not one of those short models that do runway because I’m commercial and also because of my age, but I’ve seen short models from my agency that actually are on the runway because agencies usually lie about their models height. So for some of you thinking that there will never be a short girl on the runway, TOO LATE. It’s already happening, they’re just not honest with their height. That’s why I can’t stand so called professionals that try to put short women down saying that they’ll never be on the runway when they never work with an agency their whole entire life. Kate Moss isn’t the only model that was too short for fashion, there are plenty more, but it’s not out in the open. This is coming from a woman who have an agency.

        1. I know BP…. I was correcting short girl 160 who believe that she had to pay an agency thousands of dollars to join them. I feel that every model should be aware of scams like that. I was agreeing with Short Girl Pro on this and I support Bella Petite.

  16. You make some salient points… but to assume that every photographer who participates in Model Mayhem is some kind of sex-crazed pervert is flat-out wrong. It’s irresponsible “journalism” to make blanket statements about the entirety of a population based on assumptions.

    Model Mayhem has never represented itself as the foothold to stardom. Anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense is going to realize that it’s a site geared toward the hobbyist. You want to make a single website the source of all evil when, in fact, the real issue is completely ignored. Model Mayhem isn’t the problem… it’s the lack of personal responsibility.

  17. Wow, I see a lot of people have something to say about this which is good. I want to clarify that this article was done to HELP aspiring models who want SERIOUS work in the industry. No site is all good or all bad but the truth should be out there. I still keep my MM account active because I have been scammed and taken advantage of enough times to know what is real or not.

    I do not want to hurt ANYONE or bring anyone down. I truly want to help and empower so Ann Lauren and I thought this would be a good way to help. The article was a collaboration by both Ann and myself. I know that Bella Petite is trying to change the market so that petite models can get real paying work and has pure intentions behind it and thank you all for your support.


    Angela Phillips

  18. This article does seem to be a bit misleading. While it is true that MM is not going to get anyone on the cover for a magazine, it does provide aspiriing models ooprtunities to practice their craft, and to develop a portfolio that can bring to auditions in real life. When I shoot with a model, I provide both web-ready and printable images for her to use in her portfolio. It’s up to them to take those pictures and use them to get with an agency and to find published work.

    As for the predator issue, this is not unique with MM or any other site. There are “photographers” who are more into getting a model naked rather than creating an art piece. This was even the case before the Internet age. However, these individuals can easily be found as their approach is very different from that of somoene who treats the model as a professional. Check references, get everything in writing beforehand, make sure there’s a model release. MM has an option to show in the user’s profile if they shoot nudes or not. If someone asks and starts harrassing, the model simply has to contact the moderators of the site.

    Yes, I shoot nudes, but I work with people who are open to it and I treat it like a job. My job there is to photograph them in the most artistic and flattering way possible. The model’s comfort is my primary concern.

    So yes, MM will not get you directly to an agency or being published, but it can help you network with people, hone your craft, and build a portfolio which you can take to the bigger companies to help you achieve your goals. Just be smart and learn the warning signs of someone who is only there to help themselves, not you. And check references!

  19. Now that you’re backpeddling and retracting what you’ve said here (on MM) are you going to share that with those you’ve misled in this article? You’re on there saying you didn’t mean what you wrote.

    What did you REALLY mean???

    1. Hello Center Stage: No one is back peddling. In fact we stand by our advice and the meaning of the article. You missed the entire point, which was beware to models and make good decisions based on the information provided. Thank you for your comments. Good luck with your endeavors!

  20. There are skeevy models, skeevy photographers and skeevy agencies everywhere. Skeevy agencies have a much greater ‘prey’ instinct than anyone. They take thousands of dollars from models with vague promises of glamorous work.
    To say that one web site is any better or worse is rather simplistic. Anyone who puts all their eggs into one method of promotion will fail. Model Mayhem is just one tool. It will get you as far as this site will… nowhere.
    The author seems to take a slant that models are not quite bright enough to see what Model Mayhem is..just a tool. It is far from a dating site. If you want to do nude work, do it. If you don’t, then don’t.
    Sure there are lots of nude pics on MM. But 9 out of 10 pics are not nude. If you look at the world wide opportunites for models, nude work is the lion’s share of it.
    I am a photographer..but I don’t shoot nudes. No reason, I just haven’t yet. None of my work has called for it. If someone asks me to I will. It is no different to me than shooting a model in a dress or swimwear.
    If you want the advice of this photographer, you should be on Mayhem. You should also be here. You should also be on Facebook and everywhere else you can get your face shown. The market will dictate who gets the work, not MM or Petite or any other site. As mags slowly disappear and the market changes, you have to change with it.
    Be wary of everyone and everything, but do not let it jade you. Mayhem has some amazing photographers and models. It also has some models and photographers that will never get above the hobbyist level. So what? So does this site, I am sure.
    I have seen some amazing talent…models, MUA’s and stylists and retouchers. They all have one thing in common…they work like hell. MM is only one stop in their day.
    If you are a total idiot you should avoid MM, You should also avoid sharp scizzors. Scizzors are also a tool that can hurt you if you do not use some common sense.
    But if you have half a brain you do not need anyone to tell you the internet has scary people in it. So does real life. The sooner you learn to spot them, the easier your path will be.
    MM is a glorified message board. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that. But if you need local contacts, it is a wonderful way to obtain them. More successful models will likely get their start on MM than anywhere else, if for no other reason than numbers. It is an opportunity you would be foolish to pass up.
    You do not have to give them any money..I don’t. Never have and never will. All it gets you is more picture slots. Considering what the rest of the internet has, it is not the best bang for the buck, but as a free tool, it is invaluable.

    1. Hello Voice of Reason: Exactly, we agree with you. To quote you verbatim “there are skeevy models, skeevy photographers and skeevy agencies everywhere. Skeevy agencies have a much greater ‘prey’ instinct than anyone.” This was the exact meaning of the article beware and look out for yourself. We want women to pay attention and do what is best for them to achieve their goals. The entire message of the article was based upon your main point “be wary” and you understand MM is a platform and nothing else…

      1. I find it convenient how you only quote part of the reply, the part you only want to hear.

        Fact is, this happens everywhere, including your site. Are you gonna “warn” everyone with an article for every site? Probably not.

        If you need to warn models, then they aren’t gonna make it far in the industry. Mayhem is tame compared to the real world. If they can’t handle it, they’re screwed.

        1. Hi Amanda: Your comment makes no sense without a reference point. Bella Petite is not a website like a MM, MySpace, ModelOnePlace etc, so we can’t be included in your generalization. As far as MM being tame that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Thank your for your commentary.

  21. The wife and i working together as a team have shot about 30 mayhem models. We’ve had a great time and learned so much about shooting people (knowledge we are putting to work in our portrait business). Mayhem model shoots are great opportunities to be creative and try out new techniques and equipment and i’ve been impressed by the ladies who’ve come to see us (one is studying to be a mid-wife, another is at school studying equestrian science). Some of the models are just doing it as a fun hobby but others do get paid by photographers and some photographers with paying clients behind them do use mayhem for casting. I believe that models get hired to participate in workshops. I’ve shot several agency-represented models through Mayhem. So far my experience with Mayhem has been very positive. Also, you can get a free account on Mayhem (the paid accounts are optional).

  22. What a joke all of these replies have been. It’s ok, ladies. Keep your blinders on. Short models are never going to make it on the runway or in Vogue. It’s just not going to happen. You just weren’t born with the necessary genes. Sorry ladies – it’s the truth.

    Work as glamour models or actresses. Fashion will NEVER accommodate you. It’s just the facts.

    – A professional model not on MM, but modeling with Ford. 🙂

    1. Newsflash….. Short girls are already on the runway. I model for Ford too and Ford usually if the model have a banging walk, chances are, they will be on the runway. Most agency lie about their models height so for you to say that it will never happen….. YOU’RE WRONG. Sorry to break the news to you sweetheart. Have a nice day.

  23. I’m a short model myself, and the delusions in these comments are astounding… Wow. You guys say you’re trying to empower and educate shorties, but you all just seem bitter.

  24. Interesting, but there are some errors. First of all Model Mayhem does allow publisher accounts. I have one and so do many other magazines. We have hired models from Model Mayhem for our magazine including the cover. National exposure for the models on your favorite newsstand.

    Not yes the site is full of people who are not pros. Welecome to the internet. There are more “model” agencies doing damage to models than Model Mayhem could possible do. Taking thousands of dollars and making false promises.

    Model Mayhem is far from perfect, but it is not all bad either.

    1. Hi Dean: Thank you for your comments and information. On the contrary at the time we applied we were denied an account due to being a publisher. Interesting and thought provoking discussion. The article’s focus is primarily on helping women have the right mind set, information, attitude, and knowing your options. Many young women fall short because they don’t make informed decisions.

  25. The fear-mongering in this poorly written article is absolutely ridiculous. As is the content of the other girls chiming in, with comments about taller models being “lanky giraffe looking women.” Really?

    I’ve been on Model Mayhem for a while now, have worked with quite a few photographers, and only a couple have been mildly unpleasant. I’ve been published on a dvd cover for a low-budget horror movie that was distributed in video stores all over the country, have internet tearsheets, photos waiting to be published, and have also found runway work – with one of the shows documented by Mtv and clothing designed by Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects.

    You can harp on the “dangers” of Model Mayhem all you want, but its a great site for networking, learning as a model, building and honing your skills in front of the camera, and gaining overall experience in the field to advance into bigger and better future endeavors.

    There are people in the forums that give tons of helpful advice in reference to healthy diets and fitness, what style of clothes/hair/make-up suits your look best, honest constructive critiques of your work to help you advance, threads designated for the LGBT community, threads designated to offer advice/help for those in need, etc…and even just fun chatter. I’ve met many people from all walks of life in the forums, and hope to keep quite a few of them around as lifelong friends once my time on MM is through.

    Those of you complaining about the site either haven’t bothered to use common sense in checking references of those you might work with, studying the photographers work to judge if he OR SHE is worth working with…or you haven’t even been on the site to begin with and are going off someone else’s mistakes/complaints.

  26. I don’t think Model Mayhem is so bad… I’ve gotten some great portfolio work that has led to some actual magazine projects. And I bet more than half of the models featured in Bella Petite have profiles on Model Mayhem and started their portfolio there which led to being featured here… I’m looking at a few of them right now lol.

  27. Hey girls – Model Mayhem model here. I would like to point out 3 things about MM that you guys forgot.

    a) It’s a great place to network and find TFP. Without all the time for portfolio, my agency never would have signed me.
    b) Yes, there are predators, and there are psychos, but learning to deal with them and screen your photographers is half of the modeling skillset.
    c) FASHION IS NOT THE ONLY SERIOUS FORM OF MODELING. That’s extremely offensive to people such as myself, who take art nude, goth, fantasy, and alternative modeling VERY seriously.

    That being said, Model Mayhem saved me tons of money, and it’s not a scam.

  28. I’ve been with ModelMayhem for about four years now and I’m not going to claim that every moment of it was perfect, but, through it, I have had some fantastic opportunities to work with some great photographers and have built a great portfolio. I now model full time booking independantly.

  29. You mention that MM does not get any model “real” work – tear sheets as described by you – but I know of several instances in which models have indeed gotten tear sheets due to exposure on model mayhem. I personally start I have shot several myself as a photographer.

    You have to understand that MM casting serves a great niche for photographers and their clients to hire models for jobs like lookbooks, fashion shows, designer shoots but do not have a budget that allows for the $500+ day rate that many agencies – at least in NYC – require but can rather pay a day rate like $200-$250. I have shot over 10 projects for several clients in this manner in the past year or two.

    While I may agree somewhat with the statement that “Model Mayhem has destroyed the meaning of what a real model is and it has made every girl feel like she can be a model because her pictures are posted.” – it has not done that anywhere near to the extent that various modeling reality shows have done which all but reinforce an idea that the more drama you show as a model, the more successful you can be.

  30. Model Mayhem is just a medium. What photogs, models, digital artists, etc., choose to do is their own choice. Model Mayhem is not a website to babysit it’s members. The website is to bring artists together. Model Mayhem doesn’t tell models what genre to do or tell photogs what and who to shoot…lol. All the negative comments people are saying is just their simple minded opinion.

  31. You know, ModelMayhem doesn’t charge, right? To pay for the site is to support a website you love even though it’s not necessary. I pay $10 a month because I want the extra photo spots, and because I want the website it continue to provide myself and others with great service.

  32. What a joke! Not only is the information presented in this article inaccurate, but the fact that it’s presented by an organization that caters to petite fashion models (an oxymoron if I ever heard one), and that it’s followed up a “model search” ad that you have to pay a subscription to participate in makes it downright laughable! Oh yeah, there’s a scam presented on this page alright…just not the article makes it out to be.

    1. Hi Lucy: You are fostering the exact ideology we are here to combat, so that petite models may in the future be treated as the tall and plus-sized models are. The fact is that petite women at 5’5″ and under are representative of the majority of women. That means we don’t identify with the current fashion standards… Also, we welcome you to find one place on Bella Petite where we are charging any fees to the models or subscribers. We are 100% FREE. Good luck!

      1. Smart move making it free. You might also consider admiting that MM profiles (and viewing others’ images) are also free!
        It sounds to me like you are upset that petite women cannot be fashion models. That’s not going to change…the industry wants what it wants, and they don’t want a typical woman to model fashion. That’s not to say that there aren’t other genres of modeling shorter woman can be successful in, but fashion will never be one of them.
        If an ideology here should be combated, it’s the lies you’ve spewed in your article. I have an MM profile, and I’m proud to admit it! MM is a fun site, and is great for meeting up with others in the industry. I’ve booked many shoots from that site, and yes – *gasp* – paid work! And do you know what, I am not a glamour/nude/adult model. That’s right, I’m a legitimate commercial model. Any frankly, my work pales in comparison to that of some sitemembers, who have appeared in publications you can only dream of. Why don’t you check out my MM portfolio and enjoy a healthy dose of irony? I’ve even posted a couple of my tearsheets in there. Yeah, lots of MM models have them.

        1. There are already petite models are fashion models. Agencies these days aren’t honest about their models height. You can tell that there are some people on here that don’t know what they’re talking about.

  33. dont understand the MM bashing. I’m a male model on the website, and while I get plenty of questionable homoerotic type photographers requesting photo shoots, I have also been fortunate to work with numerous professional photogs who have legitimate careers in the industry that contacted me or I them through MM.

    You have to do your research but there are photogs on MM that certainly can better your career.

  34. Let me start by saying not everyone is model material. Not everyone will have great experiences on MM or even going to a casting or an agency. You must always consider yourself and the source. Some posters have stated that they got nowhere posting pics on MM. First I would say consider yourself. Take a good long look! Not because your mother told you to go be a model. Then consider the images you posted. I see so many newbies posting cell phone pics and claiming they are professional models it’s just sad. Some of those very same people will post pics and the try and demand pay. lol Get real!

    To the article:
    I do not disagree with everything stated here but once again lets take a look at it in a broader perspective shall we?

    -The disclaimer “Entertainment purposes” . Ever been to casino? They have the very same disclaimer yet more than one person has gotten substantial gains from gambling. The best thing you can do is direct someone that wants to be a model new models and that should answer a good number of questions for them.

    -Fees: One may choose to upgrade there account but there is really no need to for most.

    -Making money: I use MM for entertainment purposes… yes I have made money from the other members on the site but it surely did not pay for my Rover or Harley.

    -Scams: Yep scams on top of scams…… but anyone with even half a brain can can see it coming from a mile away. Also let’s be real, scams are coming from all directions these days but mostly Nigeria.

    -Making your mark: Uh No! Think bigger…much bigger. Think about putting some actual work in. Hard work!

    -Build your Portfolio up: Until you get those Tears it would do you well to get in front of some cameras and have a few images to show…. MM is great for that for those that have half a brain. For those that do not… Caveat Lectur.

    -Photographers: Use the browse option. You will find a good number of well-known fashion photographers that have profiles on MM.

    -Where work comes from: A true fashion models work would come from his/her agent or agency.

    -“Be the best that you can be!”- Always, absolutely 100% of the time!

    Have to go to dinner and getting bored….. but a very nice article even though it is not 100% true….. maybe 50%.

    Cheers to all,

    1. Hi Troy: Excellent points and thoughtful discussion. We agree with you. Thank for the clarification and confirming many of our points. This article was meant to offer thoughtful advice and direction. We want to help new models (especially petite models) make smart decisions that help them achieve their goal. Thousands of petite women have written in to us about the negative treatment and bad experiences they’ve endured, we want to shed light on how to avoid that from happening. What’s really sad is how dismissive men have been from MM and how poorly they reflect on the idea of petite fashion. This is all due to the lack of positive recognition. We are representative of majority of women world wide. The tall and plus-size models have been accepted, now it’s time for petite models…

      In respect to the petite marke place there is no such thing without our new emerging fashion magazine! Yes, you will be able to view the preview issue in a manner of weeks. Good luck with your endeavors!

      1. Bella,

        MM is comprised of men and women….. and even a few that fit into both categories. Fashion is no more elite than the NFL… You need to be a certain build to do a particular job right? Bashing MM will not help your cause nor will generalizing it’s members. There are many fights to fight in fashion and else where but I will leave you with this: Replace the word “petite” with “ethnic” in your above post. Statistically in the United States a certain ethnic group spends far more on clothing and high end fashion than any other yet if you thumb through any main stream fashion magazine you will not see a large representation of said group. Right or wrong that is just the way it is. There are many reasons for the size requirements of high fashion models and really can’t say that men are to blame…… which is odd because normally I can pin everything on being a mans’ fault.


  35. 2nd post…. Should have done my research:

    “Bella Petite Magazine is Fashion, Entertainment and LifeStyle for Women 5’5″ Tall & under. Petite is fit and full figured.”

    C’mon… really? Really the 1st sentence of my previous post. Is this even a real (meaning I can go to the store and buy a copy) magazine?

    There goes 10 minutes I will never get back….. sigh.

    1. Bella Petite Publishing is a multi-media platform.
      Web Community
      Radio Show
      Digital Magazine
      The first issue of Bella Petite Magazine is currently in development and it will be an opportunity for petite models to earn legitimate tear sheets. We look forward to providing petite models legitimate opportunities in the industry through Bella Petite’s platform.

  36. Hi Angela Philips:

    I think this was a nice article. You do make some valid points here. I am a VIP member on Model Mayhem and I am put off by some of the graphic images that are allowed on the website.
    I was a member of OMP and a couple of other sites, but left them. I find MM to be a superior as far as the interface and web traffic is concerned.
    What I found quite interesting is that Amber Forrester aka “California Dreamer” who basically started on Model Mayhem was featured on the front of Bella Petite.
    While I think your article was good, with some good points. . . I think you could have been more tactful and not have “bashed” another modeling website.

  37. I’m a member of ModelMayhem. A female model to be exact. I’ve never had any problems with it. I’m also signed with an Agency. And i make good money off agency and modelmayhem work. If you’re a midget who gets offended because you’re not pretty, and can’t get clothed work, then that’s your problem. Not the problem of a website.
    As for the predators, if you had any intelligence you’d check references (if you didn’t go through your agency). and if they’re work is sh.t, why the would you work with them.

  38. If your article is meant to be editorial, congrats you have suceeded. If in any form or fashion you expect it to be welcomed as journalism, you missed. Put your ax away and listen to both sides- really listen. The simple fact that every opposing view is shot down in a hail of fodder is testiment to the utter slant of your writing. There is a place for several avenues in modeling as well as resources to benefit those in each genre. This is a true journalistic approach to the good and bad any the many forms of modeling thoughtfully written by a gentleman with the credentials to back it up.

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin ~

    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”

  39. MM is NOT a great site or representation for the modeling industry. It should be noted here that while the author of the article slams MM for having GWCs who just want to see women naked, the task of utilizing the human form to create legitimate art has been around since long before the word “fashion” existed. There are legitimate artists and photographers who utilize MM, and numerous other “modeling industry social networking” sites, for this purpose.

    BUT …

    MM is far and wide from being a great site. The MODs in the forums operate under two rules:

    1) The MODs are always right.
    2) When it is obvious that the MODs are not right, refer back to rule number one.

    This is because the site rules, to say the least, are ambiguous and the MODs obviously enjoy the power.

    There’s also NO quality control on MM. Any guy/gal with a camera and someone willing to pose for them can get on that site. It’s irrelevant if they’re shooting obnoxious nudes, or a model with expensive fashions draped all over her but with lousy lighting, setting, composition, etc., or if they’re the top photographer for their particular region – ANYONE can get into MM!!!

    On top of all of this, MM, and sites like their’s, are one of the biggest reasons that the quality and integrity of the photography and modeling markets has declined. Back in the day the models paid the photographers for portfolio work. This helped greatly in allowing the photographers to continue purchasing the things they needed to make the next portfolio session for the next model even better. And in turn each model would walk away with a better portfolio than he or she walked in with, and that model earned it. There’s a phrase you don’t hear over at MM or the copycat sites: “Earn it.”

    Now it’s a quantity over quality system where anyone who wants to call themselves a “model” can get free photos from anyone who wants to call themselves a photographer, and further perpetuate the decline of the intergrity of the industry.

    If MM actually had any concern about being a leader in this particular industry they would allow magazines, casting directors, publishers, agencies, etc., to not only join but aslo to be featured prominantly on the site without the extra charges. Just imagine the bragging rites that they, or the sites like MM, would have if they could say, “More models, photographers, MUA’s, Hair Stylists, etc., have gotten their professional careers kicked into high gear because of … than any other site out there!!!”

    Hm. What a concept. :/

  40. After a little research it looks like you are endorsing a MM photographer on your “Model” page with the photo of Cover Girl Amber Forrester. According to you guys the talented photographer Marty McBride took the photo. Mr. McBride appears to have 2 accounts on Model Mayhem. I’d say there are some serious photographers on there.

    1. Hi Barry: We agree with you. The problem is young aspiring “petite” models need to beware of the known pratfals of an entertainment based website. We have received thousands of letters regarding their bad experiences. Our intention in this article was to advise women that they need to focus on creating viable skills for whatever their career choice may be. Most of the wanna be models are not as savvy as an experienced professional.

      1. If the models aren’t smart enough to figure their way around Model Mayhem, avoid the bad people, and find the opportunity in it, then I wouldn’t recommend those girls get into the fashion industry anyway.

        Now, I’m not saying Model Mayhem is likely to build a career. But, it can be used as a tool to help build a foundation for a modeling career if used correctly.

        1. Hello Kelli: You are totally right, many models need to figure their way around “MM to avoid bad people.” MM is a tool not a career builder. Thank you for the confirmation and sharing your experience. Please feel free to leave your comments anytime we appreciate your candor. Good luck with your endeavors! Coming soon Bella Petite Magazine, stay tuned!

        1. Hi Amanda: Why would we tell petite models they can’t do fashion when we are launching a petite fashion magazine? Here is our mission statement However, we do advise petite women that they aren’t accepted according to the current industry standards. Those are the very standards we are challenging, just as the plus-size models have. Please take some time to learn what we are about before you comment. Thank you.

          FYI: Models in general petite or not are having bad experiences on the internet. This article shed some light on what to expect from a website like MM. No one here has dissented on what MM is all about and that is primarily “adult entertainment and networking.” It’s is a given and they will tell you that on their site. Plenty of unsuspecting women don’t know this and need to be made aware. Plus, we have given additional advice on how to best approach a career in the modeling and entertainment industry. Thank you for your commentary.

  41. Hahahah.
    Oh, oh this entire thing–the article, the comments–it makes me laugh.
    Anyway, I don’t care; think what you want to think about MM.
    But people need to realize this is the internet.
    Let me spell that out for you: I N T E R N E T.
    Therefore, there are “sexual predators” everywhere. E V E R Y W H E R E.
    There are no more “sexual predators” on Model Mayhem than there are anywhere else. And the likelihood of a serial rapist/murderer posing as a photographer on the internet? Not as likely you might think. Look it up. Show me the stats if I’m wrong, but we’re all scared of something that’s actually pretty rare. Be cautious, check references, and don’t be fucking stupid.
    End. Of. Story.
    I just wanted to say something to the morons who were worried about sexual predators…
    As a lady, I understand. But there comes a time when you have to stop being paranoid and learn to be realistic.
    Sooo, learn to be realistic. And maybe read a book. It’s good for you.

  42. I am a member of ModelMayhem(model)
    I will admit ModelMayhem is NO place for aspiring Fashion models. There are very few serious people in the fashion industry on the site. However if you are interested in getting into Nude modeling it is a great place. Just check your references and don’t work with the wierdos. I can guarantee you without ModelMayhem, I would have never been discovered and published in Playboy and Penthouse or any of the other advertisments, calendars and magazines I have done as a nude model. Now I work full time as a Nude Model and make a good living out of it, and it all started from a silly portfolio on MM. Modelmayhem is not a horrible place, just not the best way for fashion models to go, especially naive ones.

  43. I should also note, I have gotten a reasonable amount of paid catalog work for lingerie and swimsuit through MM, not just nude work, though that is my career focus.

  44. It’s a shame that, based upon this one-sided piece, there may be many who will not enjoy the creative outlet that I, and the models I work with from MM, experience on a regular basis.

    Sure, there’s a wide variety of abilities, experience, and motivation on these Internet modeling sites (MM is just the largest of many). Everyone should be careful, regardless of what they use to make contacts.

    MM is a great starting point for future professionals, and an end unto itself for those who just like the opportunity for a little creative expression.

    No warranties expressed or implied.


    1. Hello Mike: We do appreciate that there are “no warranties expressed or implied.” It is relevant to clue women in on what to expect from this industry. We agree it is a purely “creative outlet.” And quote, “everyone should be careful, regardless of what they use to make contacts.” This is exactly the basis of this article. Thank you for your comments and the healthy debate. Good luck with your endeavors! Stay tuned for the preview issue of Bella Petite Magazine (coming soon!).

  45. Why aren’t you allowing all the comments in? I’ve spoken with a couple of photographer friends that have told they have posted comments rebutting your article, and other comments time stamped after theirs have appeared but theirs still say “awaiting moderator approval” or some such thing.

    I would think that a webzine purporting to disseminate the truth about modeling should be able to withstand any criticism leveled at if it’s to be taken at all seriously. Otherwise you’re just as bad as the wrongs you’re trying to cure. Censorship sucks, if you can’t trust your readers to be able to weed out the BS from the truth in these comments than how can you ever expect them to make it in the dog eat dog industry of modeling?

    Then again I’m fairly sure this won’t get posted either.

    1. At we do our best to filter spam comments from the site, and we also do not allow (and will continue to screen) comments on the website that we consider to be personal attacks on individuals, such as our writers or staff. We do encourage healthy debate and dissent when we write opinion posts, but there is no place in a healthy debate for personal attacks. Thank you so much for checking out Bella Petite!

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