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Ann Lauren Bella Petite Models on-location shoot. Designer: Ann Lauren Couture Models: actress Nia Peeples, ANTM Sundai Love, Shannon Hall.
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Petite Models Colleen Shannon & Sundai Love

How To Become a Petite Model 

1. Regional Work:

Look for local work available in your area. Submit to your local city magazine, as well as lifestyle, fitness, and health-related magazines for their editorial campaigns to earn tearsheets.

Also, submit to local model and talent agencies if they allow women 5’5″ and under (99% do not).

Don’t submit to an agency outside of your state.  Generally, agents only work with local talent.

Magazines and agencies look for local talent unless you’re willing to pay your travel and extraneous expenses.

Keep in mind that in the modeling industry per diem and all expenses are normally only paid to the “supermodels.”  

2. The Internet:

Use it to find local agencies, local tradeshows, events, and photographers.   The internet is a useful research and resource tool and it offers innovative ways to find real work. You will want to be listed on Bella Petite in our model profiles. 

You may also want to be listed on check them out, they have resources and do charge a small fee.

You should be skeptical of answering classified internet and newspaper ads, normally they are scams, and most of the time they are predators, so always meet in a highly public place bring a friend with you.

3.  Avoiding SCAMS:

Don’t ever pay for agency representation because it’s a “photo mill” scam.   A modeling school is not necessary to become a working model.  Modeling schools don’t find your agents or get you to work. They are useful to learn proper etiquette, charm, and style.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as an online model and talent agency. Individuals and agencies may not represent talent across their state lines and countries.

You’ve just learned the basic steps of how to get into the modeling business give it a go!  Take the first step here and enter the Bella Petite Model search and you may win a magazine cover an editorial and more!


Expand your horizons and know what work is available for a petite model by registering for model searched and profiles open to models shorter than 5’7″.

Bella Petite is here to elevate the petite model and provide opportunities not historically available. We help you build your portfolio and provide promotional exposure to registered models. Also, we offer upgraded PR services for models and talent on our Bella Petite profile platform and multimedia magazine.

Approach this career with caution and reasonable expectations, because you can make income as a petite model, but it’s rarely a long-lasting career no matter if you are tall or petite.You must have a backup plan in case of a career in modeling doesn’t work out for you. The odds are against you, and, as we know, there are only a handful of highly paid models.  

I always suggest going to school, acting workshops, learn a trade and, or earn a degree in something you are interested in as fall back.  After all, life is about a lot more than just your looks empower yourself with knowledge. CLICK FOR MORE HOW-TO ADVICE ON BECOMING A MODEL.

Written by: Ann Lauren

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Ann Lauren On Location with Bella Petite Models

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  1. hi my name is marissa, i’ve always loved be in front of the camera and i love modelling, unfortunatelly im a small person and i always have poeple telling me i am too small to be a model and i would like to change the opinions of poeple and show them that our size doesnt mean we can’t do anything. i am 1.47m for 20 years old and i am tired of poeple. Tired to see than even model agency are refusing us and telling girls that they have to be taller we didnt choose to be small and we can’t pursuit our dream because we are too small for them. I would like to know if you will be able to help to show the world that small size woman can be as beautiful as tall girl.

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