Model Fitness ‘Metabolism’ How to Turn It On Fitness Advice Part IV

For the model type, focus on being healthy and fit, although you are thin, you still need to eat right and exercise to keep your body strong and even prevent against ailments like Osteoporosis as you age.

For the Obese, use your weight to your advantage as your “built-in” resistance training. Run, Sweat, Eat Clean and add resistance when you’re ready. You have the potential to drop a larger amount of weight more quickly, but because you have so much of it to lose, you have to really focus on being consistent all the way through to the end.

Most importantly be patient with yourself if you have a lot of weight to lose…you didn’t put it on overnight and you won’t lose it all overnight. Most importantly, don’t fall for the “quick fix”. The “quick fix” pills, shakes, dvd’s, products out there are targeting “you”…if you choose to use them, use them with understanding and caution. Think of them as an aide in your exercise/clean eating habit, rather than a replacement. Remember, the best way to lose weight is not with extreme diets or pills…”if you lose it too fast, it might not last”. And, now you should understand the reason why…Metabolism.

Happy Training!  Written By: Jeanene Cannon NASM CPT, CES, MSW   Connect with Jeanene Cannon on Facebook and Twitter!

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1 thought on “Model Fitness ‘Metabolism’ How to Turn It On Fitness Advice Part IV”

  1. It took me a long time to figure out this weight loss thing and realized it’s a lot easier than I thought it was. What trips a lot of us up is that we are looking for the quick fixes, and we get caught up in the trends trying to find an easy way out. This is really a great way to look at your weight loss: “Run, Sweat, Eat Clean and Add Resistance when you’re ready.”

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