Model and Talent Agent Suzi Hosfeld on the Bella Petite Hour

The Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) is exposing the truth about the modeling industry with East Coast model and talent agent Suzi Hosfeld.  Suzi is 5’10” and began her career as a model, working the runways and appearing in numerous brand campaigns throughout her career.  For the last twenty years, Suzi has operated her own model and talent agency in Florida, called Suzi’s International Models Inc.

Suzi’s models have worked around the world, but what is most extraordinary is that Suzi is an agent going against the modeling industry height standards.  She truly believes beauty comes in all looks, ages, shapes and sizes.  In a candid conversation we had regarding the industry height standards, she told me agents often use the “excuse” of advising petite models to try for parts modeling work and push them towards acting.

In fact, most agencies do not have petite model divisions for this purpose.  In Los Angeles you are lucky to get in the door as a petite model, and you need to be multi-talented because your face alone isn’t enough.  Keep in mind the major regions for work are Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Florida, and each market is different. Furthermore, if there is parts modeling work available, petite models will rarely get the job and that is the harsh reality.

In the 1990’s most major agencies discontinued their petite model divisions because there wasn’t any demand for petite models.  As Suzi put it to me, “until petite women stop buying clothing from those designers and retailers not supplying petite sizing, the status quo will remain.”  She believes that petite women will have to exercise their strength in numbers and leverage their buying power like the full-figured women’s market has.  We echo her sentiments and say stop supporting the current fashion magazines and stop buying from retailers who don’t recognize you!

More importantly Suzi understands the platform is providing petite women and it’s key to forcing the paradigm shift the industry requires for change to occur.  Simply stated ladies is your industry voice and your market advocate to change the “good ole boy ring” like Suzi says!

Envy Productions “Pretty in Pink” Fashion Show

Over the weekend Suzi Hosfeld produced two fashion shows with petite models alongside amazon models!  The Coconut Point Mall hosted “Pretty in Pink,” to support and raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Also the Cosaland Center, Bell Tower monthly fashion show.   The shows were fabulous!

In fact, Bella Petite’s lead photographer Peter Baratti is currently in Florida this week shooting Suzi’s new model talent portfolios and many are petite models!  You will surely be seeing them here on


Podcast playing now! Listen to model and talent agent Suzi Hosfeld share her industry experience, expose the myths and the truth about the modeling industry.  Find out what she is doing to impact the industry standards and force a paradigm shift for petites!  Please leave your comments and questions here for agent Suzi Hosfeld.

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